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    Planaria rhabocoela or…something else

    So I’ve got some plants in quarantine that I’ve bought from my lfs. looks like I have some hitchhikers, although not sure if these are rhabocoela, planaria, detritus worms, or even something else I usually have no problem ID’ing any of them in the past after getting help from others on the...
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    Quarantining plants/plant dip suggestion

    So after buying plants several times from my lfs without issue of any pests, I recently delt witha hydra and damsel fly nymph problems that caused a complete take down of a very well established tank. So rather than playing Russian roulette from now on, I’m definitely going to be taking extra...
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    Hydra and what looks to be planaria in newly established tank?

    I apologize if this is the wrong section but I wasn’t sure where to post this. So I recently fished fishless-cycling my 20 long and stocked it with a male dwarf gourami whom was in a quarantine tank for 6 weeks. Needless to say everything has been going well other than one, well maybe 2...
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    Upgrading Aquarium tips?

    Oops! I forget to specify…I’m using eco complete.
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    Upgrading Aquarium tips?

    If you need me to clear up any confusion, I will. So my only issue is that I will need more substrate for the long so I was planning to just put the substrate from the hex on top of the newer substrate that will be in the 20 long. Now as you suggest, I could put it in the hex for the time being...
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    Upgrading Aquarium tips?

    So I understand there are multiple posts on this topic but I feel that I need some feedback specific to my situation. So about 6 weeks ago my dad suprised me with a 20gallon hex aquarium. I gladly took it but understood that it would be a pain to stock. I decided to plant it up and give it a...
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    Helping a neglected betta from family

    I’d have to ask my mom what she named him although I’ve since set up a 10 gallon with established media from a friend (luckily he had some from a 55 with a high bio load). It’s been about 2 days and I’ve been testing daily and so far so good. More to be done though. He looks better already. I’ll...
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    Helping a neglected betta from family

    So I’ll definitely be taking him home although I would need to set up a 10 gallon quarantine tank as I don’t have anything spare at the moment, I’ll need to buy one. My only concern is that I’d have to resort to doing a fish in cycle on top of medicating as I don’t have any media that I can grab...
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    Helping a neglected betta from family

    So I’ve attached photos to give a better idea of the situation. So my mother bought a betta on a whim without consulting me for advice. She knows I keep fish and have knowledge of them but for some reason didn’t ask me for any help. Needless to say I came over to find him in a 1.5 gallon...
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    Stocking for a 20 gallon hex?

    So I’ve set up a heavily planted 20 gallon hex, with some Italian Vallisneria, Water Wistera, Amazon Swords, and Rotala indica. Everything is doing great and the plants are really starting to fill out the height of the tank. (Dimensions 19.1 In L x 16.6 in W x 24.4 in H). My only concern is...
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    Emergency, golddust mollie erratic swimming

    Tank What is the water volume of the tank? 10 gallon How long has the tank been running? 5 weeks without fish 3 weeks with fish Does it have a filter? Yes Does it have a heater? Yes What is the water temperature? 80 degrees Fahrenheit What is the entire stocking of this tank? (Please list all...
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    Seachem Kanaplex dosage trouble?

    So my friend has had a betta and needless to say has little knowledge on how to properly care for it. I offered to help and will be taking it in and nursing it back to health as well as upgrading it to a 5 gallon up from a 1.5 that he had him in (horrible) once the fin rot is cured. I’ve done a...
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    Tap PH higher than Tank

    The tap itself been sitting out for 24 hours is 8.2 this is the number that I tested. the kh is 179ppm of 10dkh, with the gh the same as kh. There was a typo in there, the ph actually dropped to about 6.4ppm which is about where fluval stratum buffers it too by stripping all the kh. Long term...
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    Tap PH higher than Tank

    The only reason I’ve altered the ph is due to the buffering effects of fluval stratum. The substrate lowers my tap ph from 8.2 to 6.0 within about a day. I managed to cycle it with some used filter media and ammonia. I’ve been able to stabilize it at 7.4ppm with seachem alkaline buffer and acid...
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    Tap PH higher than Tank

    So I’ve had a bit of a struggle keeping my ph stable (due to fluval stratum) although recently I’ve used Seachem’s alkaline buffer and acid buffer together and have managed to get a stable ph of around 7.4. The issue is, my tap is 8.2ppm (after sitting out for 24 hours) and I don’t want to add...
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