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  1. Seachem Pristine

    Anyone used Seachem Pristine. Heard it was a new product from one of the fish guys locally. Just wanted to know if any users of it have any comments about it. Thanks.
  2. 90 G Mbuna tank

    No Haps or peacocks yet. I have space for about 3-4 more fish. Trying to figure out what to add.
  3. 90 G Mbuna tank

    Stock List: 6 Pseudotropheus demasoni (Pombo Rocks) 3 Pseudotropheus socolofi (Albino) 3 Metriaclima estherae (Red) 3 Labidochromis caeruleus (Electric Yellow) 3 Iodotropheus sprengerae (Rusty) MTS (amount controlled by the Mbuna's) Equipment: 90 Gallon Tank Marineland Magnum 350 filter with...
  4. 90 G Mbuna tank

    Put together a new tank with some juvi mbuna's. Any thoughts or suggestions.
  5. TSS plus?

    I don't get why you would have to treat "gallons of water" for maintenence when the bacteria actually live in the biological media? Sounds like a marketing ploy to make you use more of the product. Once the bacteria are established, unless you either change out the media, or dramatically...
  6. Question about Prime

    Prime since Day 1 of setting of the tank. Never had any issues and has worked perfect. Seachem products in general seem great and over time I have added a few for my tank. Besides Prime, I use Matrix for my biological Media, and recently I added Purigen. Great products you can't go wrong with...
  7. Does Purigen really work they say?

    I guess seeing is believing. I tried purigen and here are the results before I put it in and then 1 week after. I didn't do anything else to the tank. Before: After Nitrates basically disappeared. Also looks like Nitrites even got slightly better. My only questions would be if this would...
  8. My New Dwarf Neon Puffers (My Snail COntrol Machines)

    I'm not 100% certain but I believe I read somewhere that they will nip other fish that are in the same tank, and you are not supposed to have that many puffers in a small tank. You may want to look into what size tank and all that the dwarf puffers require if you plan on getting more. They are...
  9. Cycling with no clue

    I know you've been cycling for 3 weeks already, but if you didn't want to go through this pain, why not just try a bottle of Tetra Safestart? you could have cycled your tank much quicker and you could avoid all of these daily water changes and possibly all of the fish/shrimp death. Don't know...
  10. My 120 gallon failed this morning

    Cant you hook up your filter from your tank into the new container that you placed your fish in? Your media in the filter should already be cycled and that may help with your ammonia problem. If you are using a new filter/media you can use tetra safestart to provide the bacteria to quickly cycle...
  11. My DYI diatom filter is...working!

    I have a couple of magnum 350's that came with the used tank I got. I used the water polishing filter and it worked pretty good to keep the water clear. Then I read somewhere that you are only supposed to intermittently use that filter. It doesn't really last that long, and after a week or so...
  12. Helpful Hints - Tank Maintenance

    I use one of these clamps to hold the siphon in place at the tank side. I put one end of the tubing in the sink or tub, then go to the tank and start the siphoning process and then put the clamp on and now your hands free. just have to watch out for the fish not getting sucked down. How often...
  13. Tank #2 Photos!

    Where are the pictures?
  14. Feeding mystery snails

    I took some frozen peas the other day and held it under some water to defrost then put pieces in the tank without the hull and they sank right away as my angels picked at them on the way down.
  15. Dropsy or pregnant guppy?

    I think you can also use Prime for toxic nitrates. Since you are doing frequent water changes, you have to condition your water anyway, might as well use prime to condition it. Is there a reason you need the water to sit for 24 hours in the buckets to do a water change?

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