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  1. Ph For Betta Fish?

    Can I keep a Betta in PH 8.5? I can't lower it. If not what species could I keep (only in a 5 gallon though).
  2. Buying A Tank?

    I'm in the UK and I can't find this sale on the website?
  3. Buying A Tank?

    I'm looking for a 30 gallon and up for a good price. Anyone have any recommendations for good suppliers?
  4. Praying Mantis Enclosures?

    I keep a Giant African praying Mantis who is getting huge! I feed her a variety of beetles and mealworms, she is at least l4 now. I used to keep her in a big-ish tank with a fake plant and media, but now I let her free range it in my bathroom. She lives on a massive plant in there and roams as...
  5. Tanks For A Beginner

    My dream is to keep a pair of Figure 8 puffers.
  6. Tanks For A Beginner

    Well I've found a 27 Gallon for a good price, just debating whether its big enough for what I want to do
  7. Tanks For A Beginner

    Hi everyone! What size and type tanks (and fish species) would you recommend for a beginner? My water PH is 8.2-8.4
  8. Buying A Tank?

    T Thanks but I can't keep most of those because of my very high PH- 8.4.
  9. Buying A Tank?

    Unfortunately my PH is really high, usually ranging from 8.2 to 8.4. Well I'm focusing on African Cichlids so they can cope with my high PH, I was also considering getting a bottom feeder.
  10. Buying A Tank?

    Even the smaller African breed? what tank size would you recommend?
  11. Buying A Tank?

    Hiiiii, I want to buy 20ish gallon tank to keep various cichlids in. Anybody got any suggestions on good suppliers?
  12. Driftwood In Tank?

    My PH is generally around 8.4.
  13. Driftwood In Tank?

    I have a five gallon tank which I have placed some driftwood in. I really need it in there to lower the PH and soften my water, however its turning my water really brown. Any way I can keep the water clear whilst still getting the benefits of the released tannins?
  14. My Ferret Is Injured And I Don't Know What To Do

    If she's eating that's a very good sign, and because she still seems active and can move around it seems unlikely that she's damaged her spine or anything. I would probably take her to vets anyway just in case. As for keeping her comfortable you could provide her with a heating or a cooling pad...
  15. Red Or Dark Spots Affecting Numerous Plants

    Possibly, I have never kept angel fish before so I'm not sure about their diet and how much they should be fed. Maybe do some research or ask an experienced Angel keeper what the recommended amount of food to be fed is for that many fish? But if you think you are over feeding then it is probably...

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