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    can anyone help

    right now hes in my 55 gallon with an Angelfish, Tiretrack Spiney Eel, 3 Silverdollars, 2 Syndo Cats, Pictus Cat, Bumbel Bee Cat, Red Terror, and 2 smaller Oscars, he is doing great in there, once I find out more about him I will put him in a tank that is more suitable for him, I was gonna put...
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    can anyone help

    I know hes not a Lab, he is a White Tip something haha, not sure the rest of his name, hes still small, about 3 or 4 inches or so, Rusty is a medium size Tire Track Eel though haha, hes got quite the personality too!
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    can anyone help

    anybody know what kind of fish this guy is???  I know hes a White Tip somthing, docile little fella, great colors too! ^^Rusty came out to say hI to fishlore!! he wasn't doing to well at the fishstore I saw him in so I took him home for 5 bucks and now hes doin great! thanks in...
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    Whats your favorite fish???

    Whats your favorite fish you own and why? Marine - I would have to say the Lunar Wrasse, his colors range from deep blues to bright pinks, he is also a very social fish, as soon as the lights go on he comes out from behind his peice of live rock and begins swiming all around the tank. My...
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    Jack Dempsey

    they get much larger then 7 inches, mine started in a 55 gallon and I was going to keep him there, but once he outgrew all the other fish his aggresion twards them got out of hand, he was about 12 inches when I moved him into the 125 with some large oscars and now he knows his place! they are...
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    new here

    Oh and in the 125 nothing messes with the shovelnose, hes way to big, the two syndo cats are like the ones in the 55, fight once in a while
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    new here

    with the catfish question, your corries will do just fine in a pair, mine don't spend to much time together until the lights go out and the tank calms down. As for the cat fish getting along, the pictus doesn't get along with the bumble bee cat to much but the tank is big enough to where they...
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    Unknown Species

    that's what the guy said, Parapetenia! thanks alot!! ;D
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    Unknown Species

    I looked in google and couldnt find it anywhere, its in a 55 gallon right now, but when its larger it will be put in my 125 gallon
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    Unknown Species

    yeah, it looks like some breed of texas, and my friend at the shop says it will get large!
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    Unknown Species

    sorry about the water!! every time I go near the tank they think its feeding time so I had to feed them to keep them out of my picture!!!
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    Bala Sharks Care Info!

    balla sharks are one of the most hardiest fish I have ever owned, I had a school of 3 that grew to be 14 inches! in 5 years these fish went through a lot of different sickness and when other fish kicked the bucket these guys were always troopers! Do a little more research on it, treat your tank...
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    How Many Bala Sharks In 40 Gallon Tank?

    I kept 3 14 inch tri-colors in a 50 gallon for 5 years with a few other fish, you should be fine with 3 smaller tri-colors
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    Bala Sharks and Cichlid

    your best bet is to experiment with your fish, fish have different personalities, I keep 2 cory cats in with an angel fish, shovelnose catfish, large tiretrack eel, two large oscars, and a jack dempsey and no problems what so ever.....the guy at the pet store was amazed to hear this
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    Silver Sharks Rubbing each other Up???

    Mine did this constantly, I was told it could be some sort of communication and a showing of more dominance, I want to find out what this is too lol
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