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    Scary Worm, sorry for the poor image.

    After googling, it explains why I cannot find it again, from google, "Larvae can also find shelter from predators by burrowing into the stems of aquatic plants; they chew out a hole, consuming the vegetation and hiding in the hole created.". I was hoping it would die as it keeps squirming...
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    Scary Worm, sorry for the poor image.

    Your photo is planaria and is much smaller, I use chili rasboras to kill planarias and detritus worms. The big worm photo I showed is as large as my chili rasbora.
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    Scary Worm, sorry for the poor image.

    It disappeared, yes the worm can move.
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    Scary Worm, sorry for the poor image.

    Too afraid to put my hand into and net it out, will it just die on its own?
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    Just updating tank photo
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    Transferring 5 gallons tank to 32 gallons tank.
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    No Bioload = No Water change?

    Blue bolts, black pintos. I am interested in Fancy Tiger shrimps and Red Galaxy shrimps, but they are too expensive, so I always end up buying the cheap culls ones, like bolts, pintos and crystal red shrimps. The less work for me the better, it is appealing for me to switch to non-livestock...
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    No Bioload = No Water change?

    I have Brightwell Aquatics Shrimp Florin Multi - Multi-Nutrient Fertilizer for Planted Shrimp and Sl Aqua Blue Wizard for Bee Shrimp, I guess they can replace trace minerals but I am not sure what is carbonates. But it does seems like the Brightwell fertilizer gives complete nutrients for...
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    No Bioload = No Water change?

    I have crystal shrimps, Ramshorn snails and chili rasboras. Ramshorn snails are the best cleaners in my fish tank and I do not really feed them, their best part are keeping the glass tank walls ultra clean which makes the planted tank more attractive. So I could say I do not mind making a...
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    Fluval 307
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    Low iron 32 gallons fish tank.
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    Submerged filter not reliable?

    I wanted an unbiased answer, so I did not state that the fluval u2 comes in an already opened badly damaged box and the filter is dusty and dirty which I did cleaned it. It is sold by amazon and not third party which my family quizzed me. I am glad to know your fluval u2 works fine so I can...
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    One day of hornwort and my fish tank becomes much more visible!
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