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  1. 20 Gallon Tank Fish For Hard Water And Hardy In General

    This is our average water parameters: Based on an API test kit GH from the tap is 17 KH from the tap is 14 pH is 7.8-8.2 This has been average over time in our household tanks. This "new" (restructured) tank setup currently has a sponge filter rated for a 30 gal tank, flourite substrate...
  2. Info About Crayfish

    I have seen various crayfish (and what they call orange lobsters) at the store and wondered how they might do in my tank .... I have been told that some of them destroy live plants ..... can anyone provide me some info?
  3. Tank Mates For Killifish

    Should add that this is a 20 gallon tank (as stated in the title), has a sponge filter, and is heated. It has flourite substrate and plants.
  4. Tank Mates For Killifish

    Thanks love ... I had totally forgotten to name the variety of killifish (oops) ....
  5. Tank Mates For Killifish

    Middle area of that green band ... Will confirm when I get home from school.
  6. Tank Mates For Killifish

    I currently have 3 killifish (2 female and 1 male) in a tank ... I am looking for some suggestions for tank mates (besides more Killies which I will likely get a couple more to round out 5-6 as per standard recommendations for this fish) .... hopefully nothing too difficult to find but...
  7. Fundulopanchax Gardneri ‘innidere’

    We just got some of these for my hubby's 29 gallon tank as well as a 3 in my now 20 gallon tank. Do the females colour up at all? He is concerned right now that he has too many males in his tank.
  8. Schooling Fish

    I have an established 10-gallon tank that I want to add schooling fish to it. My water is fairly hard: GH from the tap is 17 KH from the tap is 14 pH is 7.8-8.2 I currently have one of my husband's nerites, an Amano and lots of plants, a standard T8 light, and gravel substrate. It is in the...
  9. Gas Bubble Disease?

    Ok, did a 50% just now with room temp water (it had been prepped for a change for one of the tanks earlier) and a tank vacuum. Will do another on Friday, hopefully I won't need medication but if so what would be best? He is in a planted tank, if that matters.
  10. Gas Bubble Disease?

    I am not sure about daily with school resuming but I can do water changes definitely more frequently for a while. Should I add aquarium salt to the water and how much of a change should I do right now? He is in a 5 gal tank.
  11. Gas Bubble Disease?

    Nitrate is around 40ppm (yes due for a water change but its about a week or so since the last one I think), Nitrite is like 0.05 (if I calculated it right ... it is just above 0 but below 0.25 on the colour chart according to Aquarium Note) and 0.25 for the Ammonia so yes, water change time ...
  12. Gas Bubble Disease?

    Is popeye easily treated?
  13. Gas Bubble Disease?

    Right now, no. I have to get to bed as i have a very early day tomorrow. Last change was about 30%
  14. Gas Bubble Disease?

    Parameters ... Would need to check. As for decor, nothing that should hurt him. Nothing sharp and no tank mates except a nerite snail.
  15. Gas Bubble Disease?

    Just noticed one eye on my betta looks odd .... This is the best picture I could get ....

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