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    Powerhead for sand substrate tanks?

    I use one with sand. Wave maker type. I think its good for 2500 gallons an hour? Its bigger than I need for sure. I only use it after cleanings and the purpose is to stir up the sand and get more particles suspended so the filter picks up more. But I must be very careful to not allow it stir...
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    I have a friend that is my age (64) and has never sent a text in his life. He bragged to me he got a $1000 phone. He only uses it to make audio calls. He told me his old Samsung did not have internet service. I can only laugh and cry at all he has missed. But he knows no different. He has...
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    Anyone Here Like To Cook/bake?

    Finally this year I bought a new roasting pan with really nice rack. I had been using a V rack on a roaster that it did not fit. Was sort of dangerous especially because I roast the turkey breast side down for the first half of cooking time. So I have to turn it over. Really helps keep the...
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    Tank stand makeover

    Nice upgrade. I have the same stand. Imagitarium. However I was told by the tank manufacturer and the stand manufacturer to not use anything between the tank and stand. (long discussion here before) I don't see a negative, but they did say it is not recommended. So nothing between the tank...
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    Anyone Here Like To Cook/bake?

    A 25 pound turkey takes 4 - 4.5 hours at 325F. So your turkey is bigger than 25 pounds or your turkey is over cooked.
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    Anyone Here Like To Cook/bake?

    All day? Must be 100 pounder.
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    10 Gallon Tank How do I do my water changes?

    This is a prime example of why I do not use live plants.
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    Which bleach for rocks

    Bleach is fine. Regular bleach. I soak overnight or longer. I rinse very well and then soak in Prime treated water as long as possible. Never had an issue yet.
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    Power outage

    Some years ago we had a terrible ice storm and power was out for 6 days. I had a 20 gallon tall and no generator. We put a candle under the tank and did not loose one single fish. Tank stayed within range as well. In fact I'm certain they could have survived much longer if they needed too.
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    Cloudy water, are suspended particles a problem for fish, or is it just aesthetics?

    I agree its a personal choice. I have had real plants in the past. That is why I don't have live plants now.
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    Amazon heater almost kills fish

    We were talking about tank heaters and controllers last night. I used to work in a plastic extrusion plant and I had access to all kinds of temp controllers and other electronic temp control equipment. I also hade some immersion heaters. Not sure they would work in this temp range though. I...
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    20 Gallon Tank Paranoid newbie needing some help

    I want to know how the barbs treat the swordtails? Seems barbs would like to nip those swordtails? I have only tiger barbs and need some real world experience about keeping these fish together in the same tank.
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    Cloudy water, are suspended particles a problem for fish, or is it just aesthetics?

    One of the main reasons I do not use real plants. They do look good, but for me its not an option. I disturb the substrate regularly and do not want to make my weekly water changes and biweekly cleaning any more difficult. Frankly I cannot see how anyone can deal with growing plants. I have...
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    55 Gallon Tank Compatible tank mates for tiger barb school

    I have 12 almost full grown Tigers in my 40. Nothing else. I was under the impression they did not do well with tank mates? I want to add a couple more fish myself but was always told not to. So you guys stand behind the recommendations above? Thanks in Advance
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    Is it better?

    AC filters come with an extra intake tube just for this purpose. My tank is a shallow tank so I only use one intake tube. Anyway if you don't have the spare that came with your filter you can buy it.
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