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    Update: Fins' Tanks And Fish

    I was bad and got a new boy, his name is Indrid! He was an impulse, but I haven’t seen a HM this nice in a long time. I set up a 20L and divided it into 3 sections. Indrid is in the far left, and I put Antares in the far right to recondition him for breeding. Vega is in Antares’ 5G to...
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    Question Axolotl Tank Size And Filter

    A 40B is the perfect size for one! The canister would be good if you can get one with low enough flow, they are pretty messy. Make sure you can keep your tank cold enough for them as well.
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    Welcome To Betta Fish- A Simple Beginners Guide To Bettas

    I’ve actually been meaning to update the care sheet I wrote in 2016! The mods like to delete discussion on the care sheets to avoid clutter, and make it easy to find information needed. If it’s relevant to the thread, they may leave it though.
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    Blue Marble Hmpk Spawn Log- 03/21/19

    They’ve been in the tank together for almost 48 hrs, and no eggs. I’m going to pull them and try again in a week or so! Antares’ nest wasn’t the greatest either, so I’m hoping for more luck during round 2!
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    Fishlore Dating App

    Gators, oranges, Disney world, universal studios, the keys, the Everglades, beaches, and Florida man.
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    Blue Marble Hmpk Spawn Log- 03/21/19

    I’ve found that they breed faster in a smaller tank, in a 10G they can get distracted and begin the chasing over and over again. It also keeps the food in a smaller area when they first start freeswimming, so it’s easier for them to find. For overseas breeders, using smaller containers is the...
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    Blue Marble Hmpk Spawn Log- 03/21/19

    Watching them grow up is really rewarding, and I do plan on selling them. Blue marbles are one of my favorites as well! I tried a few times, I just didn’t take it seriously enough to have any quality fish. I took a break from the hobby for about a year, but I finally have the income to really...
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    Blue Marble Hmpk Spawn Log- 03/21/19

    I’m trying my hand at breeding once again! The parents are blue marble HMPK’s, imported from different sources. The female (Vega) was purchased in a mystery box with 4 other girls, and I found the male (Antares) a few weeks later on eBay. I’m expecting some dark bodied solids, some light...
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    Non-schooling Fish?

    You won’t find many fish that are suitable for a tank that small. Is she interested in shrimp at all? Neocaridina come in a variety of colors and are fairly easy to care for. They might be a good option for her.
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    Does My Betta Have Dropsy

    If the bloating doesn’t go down, you could try feeding him half of a blanched and deshelled pea, or some frozen brineshrimp. I don’t think the aquarium salts will hurt him, just make sure not to add too much or it could kill your plants. He looks like a rosetail to me, and they’re known to...
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    Does My Betta Have Dropsy

    It doesn’t look like dropsy to me, which is good! He just looks bloated, if it were dropsy his scales would be sticking out like a pine cone. It’s possible that your friend over fed him, I would hold off feeding him for a few days to see if the bloat goes down. As far as his fins, I would keep...
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    Help Betta Fin Rot?

    He looks like a rosetail, they tend to have extreme branching of the rays in their fins. The excess rays(tiny bones) weigh down their fins and as the fish ages they can break due to the excessive weight. Rosetails are also prone to finbiting, where they bite their own fins because the weight...
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    Has My Female Betta Layed Her Eggs?

    It doesn’t look like they have bred to me. How long have they been in the tank together? How were they conditioned to breed? Your tank does not look ideal for breeding. The water level should be around 4 inches, preferably in a bare bottom tank. The male should have a spot to build his bubble...
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    Update: Fins' Tanks And Fish

    Here’s an update for anyone curious! I currently have 3 tanks up and running, with more planned in the next few weeks. All have bettas in them! 5G fluval spec- Has a single male betta named Saros, and 3 nerite snails. 40G sorority- Has 5 female bettas, all imported. I ordered these girls in...
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    Back At It- Fin's Fluval Spec

    Thank you! I'll take a look at those plants! Thank you! Here's my driftwood! This is the hardscape I decided on for now, I like it a lot better than I thought I would! Here's the tank with my plants in it, you can see the fish I decided on a well...

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