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    Should My Tank Be Heavily Planted For Cory?

    I'v had my tank planted heavily over grown and lightly planted, my cories seem happy either way. Mostly they love the sand. Would enjoy seeing your cories when/if you get them. layful: PS. Your tank is pretty.:joyful:
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    Wild-life photos

    My favorite recent video, I don't know if it will allow me to post, some beautiful bobcats, short but sweet. Let's see if it works.
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    Your Betta's Favorite Tank Item?

    They always seem to love relaxing in live plants.... I have lot of wood and sometimes I see my betta swimming through them like weave poles...She seems to enjoy it. Years ago I had Bettas who loved the floating the one specifically marketed for Betta with a little hole in the top...
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    Hello, Long Time Lurker Here

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    Hello, Long Time Lurker Here

    Welcome! Would love to see pictures...
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    Seeing Allot Of My Clown Pleco...

    I tried but I guess the lighting is bad for a video you couldn't see him and then he hid. I'll keep trying.
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    New 55g Eighty-nine Percent Complete!

    Aww, really? Hot pink gravel would have really made it ''pop''.
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    New 55g Eighty-nine Percent Complete!

    ha ha You did a great job of making it look natural though.
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    Help Urgent

    hmm.... Is your concern that the ADF will harm the amano shrimp or vice versa? I found my ADF were quite happy when I kept them alone. I kept them with fish, snails and shrimp also. My ADF would ''strike'' at just about anything that moved by including my finger and amano but my amano got by...
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    New 55g Eighty-nine Percent Complete!

    I like it, I love seeing what others are doing with their 55 gallons. I think it will be really gorgeous with live plants but I am quite partial to them.
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    My Fry

    Aww, I love fry... layful:
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    We Have Eggs!

    Congratulations and good luck!! Looking forward to pictures if all things progress well.
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    Canister Filter Recommendations

    When I first was looking for canister for my 55 gallon I was going to get a name brand but the price was a bit much for me....especially considering I wanted to get a larger one. I ended up going with an off brand from amazon... I think it was called a polar aurora or something, my understanding...
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    Seeing Allot Of My Clown Pleco...

    I recently sold off most of the bristlenose offspring that had completely taken over my 55 gallon aquariun, I turned around a large cave like piece of wood where the male usually was to try and dissuade breeding a little. I've had this little round clown pleco for years, more then a few times...
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