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  1. What Should I Add

    Those are pretty cool! How many do you think?
  2. What Should I Add

    I'm liking this idea! I'm looking into rams and the honey gourami now. Is there a reason you chose the bolivian ram over the german or electric blue? Just looks or temperament? I do like the honey gourami idea too! I would probably need to add a few more plants and cover in these cases though...
  3. What Should I Add

    So I've got a 38 gallon. Gravel substrate. Live plants. 8 Neon tetras 3 guppies 2 otocinclus (working on getting a few more so these aren't so lonely) 1 amano shrimp 1 Nerite Snail 1 Small Yoyo Loach (and yes I've been keeping an eye on this guy he minds his own business for now. I'll move him...
  4. Quick Ich Question In My Qt Tank

    Bought some otocinclus and immediately put them in QT in the hopes of sometime being able to put them in my display tank.They developed Ich after about a week. I'm in the process of treating them now with a medication that worked well for me in the past. My quick question is... Once I've...
  5. Need Id & Remedy, Algae/s

    The only way I was able to rid myself of algae on my plants was adding an Amano Shrimp (biggest one I could find). He's a great cleaner. I don't know how one would fair with a betta. I've done ghost shrimp with a male betta and they survived (until they decided to jump ship). I've also heard...
  6. Fish Keep Stealing Seaweed From Each Other

    So fun to watch!
  7. Lonely Neon Tetra

    Just an update on poor lonely tetra. Sadly he passed today. I noticed some "fuzz"? on his head and some starting of ich. I started a 20% water change (mostly to get any leftover food he wasn't eating) and was about to start dosing the tank. While filling the bucket with water my daughter came in...
  8. Lonely Neon Tetra

    I think the problem was they just received the fish that day so they were already under stress. The ones he caught for me two were very tiny (to the point I felt I would need to leave them in the 10 gallon until they got a little bigger to join the group). So my thinking is that with all the...
  9. Lonely Neon Tetra

    I have recently upgraded to a 38 gallon tank from a 10 gallon tank. I have very low stocking in the 38 thus am in the process of getting more fish. Mostly I am getting more otocinclus and neon tetras to have a larger group than what I have now for the 38 g. So currently in my 10 gallon qt...
  10. Injured Neon Tetra, Will He Make It?

    If there is infection what should I do (just preparing for the future). Also what should I look for if there is an infection?
  11. Injured Neon Tetra, Will He Make It?

    I recently upgraded to a 38 from a 10 g, mostly so I could get more neon tetras and otocinclus so that they wouldn't be so lonely . Tank was automatically cycled as I used everything from my 10 g including the filter (added the new filter simultaneously to help with filtration and build up BB...
  12. Tank Upgrade, Want More Fish, quarantine Time

    So I'm planning on upgrading my 20 g to a 38 g sometime in the next month or so. Mostly because I want to get more friends for my Neon Tetras and Otocinclus' without over crowding them. So after I've got my tank all set up, cycled, and my current fish added I'd like to go out and buy those...
  13. Help A Friends Kid Put Crackers In My Tank

    I'll keep an eye on it. Hopefully I got it all.
  14. Help A Friends Kid Put Crackers In My Tank

    Yes it's just one cracker. I did use a gravel vac to get it out. I'm pretty sure I got it all, but i guess it wouldn't hurt to do it again.
  15. Help A Friends Kid Put Crackers In My Tank

    A friend's kid put a cheese it flavored cracker in my 10 gallon tank. I've got guppies and otocinclus'. I did about a 40% water change. Any other advise on what to do, or even if it's as bad as I'm making it out to be?

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