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    Cory Catfish?

    Definitely lovin how much healthier he looks now! How many fellow peppered cories are there with him?
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    It's Finally Here - New Betta Tank

    Looks like a good start. I'm guessing you are familiar with the nitrogen cycle? Tanks as small as 5 gallon will definitely need to be well-cycled for your betta to thrive in the long run.
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    Free "goldfish"... Or Not?

    Fully grown adult mollies are pretty large by livebearers' standard. Shrimplets will definitely get eaten and smaller adult shrimps will probably fare no better over time. If you want to keep the shrimp colony growing, then I think it's a fish worth avoiding. Otherwise, like most other...
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    Which Plants?

    Can't go wrong with most commonly available varieties of java fern and anhbias, really. Bear in mind that goldfish LOVE live plants, as in they will likely snack on it and the plants will need to replaced every now and then.
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    29 Gallon Stocking

    I'd recommend two slighly large schools like 8-12 zebra danios/black skirt tetras 8-12 juliI cories Or you may like 3 platies (males) 6-8 zebra danios/black skirt tetras 6-8 juliI cories Those seem to be the most drama-free, beginner friendly out of your whole bunch. What kind of substrate do...
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    Free "goldfish"... Or Not?

    Lol absolutely not a goldfish but she's a really cute molly and I'm not even that interested in livebearers. Hope she eventually gets an owner who at least knows what she is
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    Whats A Cichlid You Recommend For Me

    Sounds like a heavily stocked 75g, probably overstocked if all three are fully grown adults. I wouldn't add more. Severums and JDs get pretty big although they tend to be more mild-mannered than the feisty mid-sized convicts.
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    Is My Glue Aquarium-safe?

    So the way they write it as ethyl 2-cyanoacrylate doesn't really matter right? Alrighty then.
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    Is My Glue Aquarium-safe?

    I have a super glue that says ethyl 2-cyanoacrylate. Pretty sure cyanoacrylate glues are perfectly aquarium-safe but is that the same thing?
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    What Can I Feed My Betta

    What brands of pellets and flakes have you tried?
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    How Is This Not Overstocked ???

    I agree wholeheartedly with this view given the OP's situation. There will be consequences but if you're willing to give extra attention and effort like more frequent water changes or fish deaths, then people have the rights to proceed and you'll learn anyway. But of course, it can also be...
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    Bottom Feeder Suggestion !

    By my "stocking ****"-leaning standards, I'd say inverts or none for a 10 gallon (and with your current stock I think the lattter is better, them livebearers are poop machines). Of course you already know my inclination towards stocking nazism. And I'm assuming you're not exactly looking for...
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    How Is This Not Overstocked ???

    I tend to slightly overstock by "stocking nazis" here too, but I can definitely see why they recommend it. Beginners like to fit all sorts fish into massively loaded community tanks. Fishlore's ultraconservative stocking suggestions that many love to hate seem to be the reasons many newcomers...
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    Purigen Or Carbon?

    "Removing naturally occurring chemicals", as June said it, technically means clean your water off things like excesss ammonia and nitrite. Which is why I would suggest purigen over carbon if you want something in there but, in fact, shouldn't be necessary in a well-cycled tanks. This is because...
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    15 Gallon Fish Stocking

    What about a honey gourami?
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