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  1. My fish tank

    My fish tank

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    My convict cichlids laid eggs!!

    Well the eggs hatch today in the morning!!! How do I feed them once their egg sack is all gone? I know to get flake food and crush it into a powder, but will the fry go and eat it or do the parents give it to them? Well heres the pictures!!
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    Calico Oranda Goldfish with a tumor

    What an AWESEOME story!!:'( I wish we could all be able to do that. Many more fish lives would be saved!! Thanks tony!! No longer shall fish be thought of as worthless fish that die and you just go back to the fish store and buy more.
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    will this work?

    There's convicts!!;D They are cool little fish!! Three would by right at home in a 30! Firemouths, bolivian rams, or Cockatoos would also fit in a 30. Just be sure to take pictures of the fish and your tank once you get them. Oh and
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    My convict cichlids laid eggs!!

    It kinda hard to get the pics. They are at the back, so I have to zoom from the side. It was just luck that I happen to be walking by when they were spawing.
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    My convict cichlids laid eggs!!

    I went this morning to turn on the light and to my surpsie I saw them both in the back of the tank. I went to check on them and I saw the female just touching the rock then I saw the brown little eggs. They kept spawing for about ten minutes. Every-now-and-then the male will try to scare the...
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    1000th post!!

    Lol!! Me Too!
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    Should I transfer tanks??

    One is longer. Thanks for the help, but I've got great news!! My mom finally let me set it up!!! Now I'm hoping that the power won't go out, or I'll have to disassemble everything!! I'm keeping my fingers cross it won't go out!!
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    Should I transfer tanks??

    I was thinking if it was a good idea to transfer all stuff from the 28 gallon to the 29. I was going to use the 29, but my parents won't let me. They keep saying the power will go out( we have an old house, so if too many things are turned on the power goes out). I know that one gallon won't...
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    hey guys , pls look at my tank 4 weeks old. Please let me know how i am doing an

    GREAT JOB!! I've had my 28 for about a year and still haven't add corals!!
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    This a good deal?

    I think its a good deal. New ones cost around $800. It also come with stuff needed to start a saltwater tank, so I think it's a good deal for a 29.
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    40 Gallon Tank Everyone Has A Video. Me Too!

    Nice tank. I like that its not too bright from all the light like other tanks. How did you get it like that? Is it a bow front tank?
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    125 gallon (currently remodeling)

    WOW!!! A 125!! I can only wish for a tank that size!! Love the color of the wood. It matches the fish!! LOL!!
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    Salt or fresh water

    LOL ME TOO!! I currently just have a 28 saltwater tank. I have a 29 gallon tank I found, but my parents won't let me set it up. I know saltwater tanks are expensive. I wasted about 1000 grand on my saltwater tank!!
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    Hi to everyone!!!

    Welcome back!! I haven't been here awhile either!! Whats the new job?
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