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    Partial Water Changes

    For me, it depends on the balance of the tank. I have a very lightly planted well stocked 30 gallon that gets a 25-30% change each week at minimum, but my smaller, lightly stocked and densely planted tanks usually get 50% every other week. I don't wait for water parameters to start getting out...
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    Lchi's 20g: Shell Dwellers!

    @Lchi87 just wanted to say that I read this entire thread and loved every second of it! Thank you! I'm not sure what your timeline on possibly moving the colony looks like, but I'm thinking about a species only tank with these guys and live in NYC. If they haven't found a new home by December...
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    Your Opinion

    @Crispii is on it tonight! i agree wholeheartedly - not sure if you've ever seen cories swimming around in a larger tank, but they are super active and use every inch of space. further, they really do appreciate a shoal of the same species. I'm getting away with five right now, but the moment my...
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    Help Help!!! My Tiger Barb

    That's super not ideal for the fish. Tiger barbs school, and need a decent amount of space to swim. More like 20-30 gallons, not five. If you can't get a bigger tank, you might want to consider giving the barb to a local pet store and getting a fish that's more appropriate for a 5 gallon. You...
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    Help Help!!! My Tiger Barb

    The "bacteria and food" isn't going to kill him immediately, but a filthy tank will. You need to siphon your substrate weekly to remove detritus and excess food. The stress from being a lonely schooling fish could contribute to his death as well. So could a tank that's too small. Do you have...
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    Danio In Trouble

    Not directly on topic, but certainly bears mentioning: the plecostomus you lost wasn't an appropriate fish for a ten gallon tank, or for the decor you've got. Even a small bristlenose will grow to 5-6 inches and needs 25 gallons of water, as well as real driftwood to chew on. In the interest of...
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    Super Bloated Danio Burst - Help?

    I’ve never been so perplexed. We’ll see if she pulls through. I worry that the internal damage might get to her over a longer period of time. Unfortunately, by the time I got to the tank there was no sign of the mystery ball. Good call though, I might dose the whole tank as a precaution.
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    Super Bloated Danio Burst - Help?

    Update on this - she was still swimming around but looking fatigued two days ago. Last night I got home and she was perkier, and the wound had healed externally. She’s slimmer than she’d ever been now, with a slight curve to her spine. I think I’ll just be riding the whole scenario out now but...
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    Super Bloated Danio Burst - Help?

    (Thanks mods for moving this to the right forum - for some reason I couldn't find it!)
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    Super Bloated Danio Burst - Help?

    This is not necessarily a beginner problem, but here goes: 30 gallon tank pH 6.6 Ammonia >.25 Nitrite 0 Nitrate 5.0 78 degrees F My zebra danio exploded. She's one of three, two males and a female. Historically, has always been gravid to the point of noticeable roundness, but big and...
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    Betta Flaring Issues

    I’m sure he’ll get used to it soon enough, but if not, just remember his comfort is more important than a painted background!
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    Betta Flaring Issues

    What's your background look like? It could be as easy as removing a background paper/paint, or angling a light away from the back. EDIT: frankly, i'd just give it a few days before he tires himself out and gets used to the neighbor he can't obliterate on sight.
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    Dirted 5.5g Tank

    Do you have a filter or is this 100% a walstad tank? If you do have a filter, I’d pack it with media from an existing tank. It sounds like you could really benefit from more beneficial bacteria.
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    5.5g Diy Rimless Planted Betta Tank

    Big changes in the 5.5gallon. The water sprite was choking out everything else, so something had to be done. I ripped it all out and moved it to a different tank that means less to me aesthetically. Hopefully(!) I can now get the slower growing plants to fill in, and get back to the overgrown...

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