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    Declaration of War against BBA

    If you are taking stuff out to scrub, try pouring boiling water on driftwood and letting it sit for a bit. I've found it works better than peroxide.
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    Another round of name that algae (and treatment)!

    Looks like hair algae. Manual removal, I believe. I don't know from co2 so hopefully someone else has thoughts.
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    Have you ever seen the rain(bows)?

    Lateral thinking rainbow...looooooooove
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    Using Plum Leaves in Aquarium

    "In leaf" just means the tree has leaves on it You can dry out leaves in the oven-under 200 degrees until crispy-about an hour or so. Or just spread them out in a single layer on newspaper and let them air dry. You could flip them from time to time. You did describe your leaf very well and it...
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    Using Plum Leaves in Aquarium

    Hey, I'm paranoid about anything I put in my tanks so hoping you can confirm the leaves you've sourced. Is the plum tree in leaf? Can you match the leaves on the ground to the leaves on the tree? Can you id species of plum (there are many). Personally, I would boil first as I don't know how you...
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    Lethargic Betta- Stress? Or Something More??

    At the risk of derailing this thread (glad your betta is better) what is the source of the 10-25-10-50 method of water changes? Never ever heard of that but would be interested to read about it to try to understand-if someone could link a source. A google search turned up nothing but I prolly...
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    Have you ever seen the rain(bows)?

    TREMENDOUS!!! Yay for rainbows! My main and I gave ours to our boss as a house warming (total joke). I almost fell over when I saw them taped to his back door. I love these things. Thanks to this rainbow gang for your creativity!
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    10 Gallon "WinterScape" (In Progress)

    I look forward to seeing the revised layout with different sized sticks-might do the trick. As would adding more larger rocks... Thank you for sharing the story about the teddy bear (and indulging my nosiness). The whole concept around the reason for the bear is utterly charming and not creepy...
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    Fish Jumped Out... Eyes Damaged?

    So many YAY'S!!! Really really really happy that, 10 days on, he's still going and improving! Great job. I'm sure you are extra relieved and thrilled.
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    10 Gallon "WinterScape" (In Progress)

    I was just wondering about this build and saw your post! How cool! Love the birch. If an can solicit my thoughts on the stone, I'm thinking a hulking piece in the back and smaller "path" pieces to balance out the scale-that birch is very beefy. Curious about the suited up teddy bear
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    Is this fin rot?

    When in doubt, up the frequency and volume of water changes. Hope you can get your hands on a reliable heater and test kit soon, if for no other reason than piece of mind. He looks great in the video-extra spicy!
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    Cory with hole in stomach!

    Sorry if you came across these already but I thought them relevant. Edit: Posted the wrong pic My Sterbai has a hole it its belly. | 112962 | Corydoras See what DoubleDutch has to say Hole in Corydora belly | 226288 | Corydoras But how can it be parasite if you've had them forever. I still...
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    6 new three striped corys.

    Because I'm nosy. I did get w/c (by mistake-didn't know) Metae once and they had flukes so I guess I'm paranoid about w/c. Enjoy! I hope they breed for you!
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    How do you care for a St.Elmo’s Fire Sword?

    It's a hybrid echinodorus so care should be the same as any Amazon Sword. Hope you'll post a pic of your tank once everything is planted!
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