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  1. Important Gourami attacking other fish

    You should probably move the molly to another tank asap.
  2. Planted Betta Tank

    Planted Betta Tank

    Six months in.
  3. newplants


    New Plants!
  4. Gary And Fishstyx

    Gary And Fishstyx

    Snail and betta have been living together in 5 gallon for 3 months.
  5. Algae Beginning To Grow.. Now What?

    No insights for you, but I love your setup (fixed typo)
  6. I Just Got A Betta For My Birthday

    He does look happier. For sure. I had to move him to the upstairs hallway near the bathroom so I won't see him as much, but its nice and quiet up there and there's no toddlers unattended so it's safer.
  7. I Just Got A Betta For My Birthday

    I upgraded him to a Top Fin Retreat Five Gallon. Looks nice. I wasn't sure whether to post a new string or update this one. I got the tank for 40 which I think is a great deal. I used fluval volcanic soil. Mopani wood and slate. Plus my Moneywort, Java fern and Anubias. Fishstyx by fishes were...
  8. Fishstyx


  9. IMG_20190515_122300996


  10. I Just Got A Betta For My Birthday

    I've got the test kits, the bowl has been used for plants for over a year, used to have amano shrimp living in there last summer. I just picked up an aqueon 10w mini heater. Hopefully it won't heat up the water to fast. I'm raising the temp from 70f to hopefully 78f. This thing isn't adjustable...
  11. I Just Got A Betta For My Birthday

    I have one but it is not set up.
  12. I Just Got A Betta For My Birthday

    I wan't really ready for him. I have a little background in fish, but I didn't have a perfect home ready. I have a gallon bowl I've been growing a variety of plants in, so I put him in there. It's too cold but I don't have a heater or filter. The bowl is densely planted though and the water...
  13. What Is This?

    It's a long story. There was a school... I have tried but they all died over the last three months except for one. The one who is left is looking healthy for now.
  14. What Is This?

    Whatever it is, it killed him.

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