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    Question Id This Fish Please

    I’m guessing some sort of rainbow or swordtail ? Or a freaky guppy colour I’ve never seen ?
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    Fish Id

    I have guppies. The female are dull mostly but all have some colour on their tail fins. So I wasn’t 100% sure on this one. Thanks guys
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    Fish Id

    This fish came in a harlequin rasbora purchase. Looks like a guppy or molly shape. But it’s completely colourless ? Anyone know what type of fish this is for sure or if it’s some cool strain or a freak of nature. She’s about 1.5-2 inches
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    Question Tank Upgrade Process

    Never even dawned on me to put them into second tank. You’re brilliant.
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    Can I Add Tetras?

    You could get chilli rasboras or celestial pearl danios
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    Question Tank Upgrade Process

    I have 2 30 gallon tanks one is heavily planted the other is a tacky glo tank (my daughter is 3 don’t judge ) I bought a 60 gallon that I’m going to merge both tanks into using the old substrate from planted tank with some top up new bags. Planted tank is on the stand where the new planted tank...
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    Read This-cruel Betta Cups

    What if one time in our lives we all stopped complaining and took action collectively and it actually made a difference. I have read forum after forum and comments in the thousands about the betta treatment in PetSmart. Let’s fix it Below is the number or email address for PetSmart customer...
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    20 Days Into Cycling And No Nitrites???

    What did you use for ammonia ? Any nitrates ?
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    New Aquarium Help

    And the filter media
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    I've Lost (literally) Lost A Fish

    Have you checked outside the tank. Stuck to side of cabinet/wall/floor etc. Maybe he had enough of the foodnado and Bailed
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    Mosquitoes On Top Of Tank

    If you think about the current in the ocean/rivers I hardly think a filter could compare to that. They will adapt to new flow rate. Plus the higher circulation of water is beneficial to your tank in many ways
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    Dwarf Puffer Not Eating

    I will try that. I don’t think he’s wild caught. I believe the lfs I got him from doesn’t sell wild caught
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    Dwarf Puffer Not Eating

    I got a juvenile dwarf puffer. I put him into my well established planted tank. Readings and temp are pristine! Its 30 gallons of planted heaven. I threw an assortment of sizes of pond snails in the tank as I was unsure how big of a snail he would eat. I tried blood worms. I tried 4 kinda of...
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    Guppy Turning Green?!?!

    Might want to upgrade to a bit more than a 10gallon if you’re keeping a pleco.
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    Cichlid Id

    Seems to be about 5 -6 inches Was told it was aggressive and it has the drive to chase a juvenile guppy. But just chases a foot or so and leaves it be. Is that unusual ?

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