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  1. Question Help identify what fry these are

    I'll post with more pics if asked
  2. Question Help identify what fry these are

    To make this post more confusing, all the fish I have are supposed to be Male. Except for the Corys I have.
  3. What Are These Little Things

    So are they harming my fish? If they are is there anything that can eat them?
  4. What Are These Little Things

    So today I did a water change and once I was done these guys showed up
  5. Help With Loaches

    So my loaches have completely buried themselves under the substrate and I have no idea to draw them out besides moving the substrate. I know they are alive because I saw one 2 days ago moving through the gravel. Any ideas
  6. 39 Gallon Stocking Ideas

    My tank is around 75-78°f
  7. 39 Gallon Stocking Ideas

    She's the clamest one out of the 2 I have because I've had her with neon before and Cory's. Also shrimp.
  8. 39 Gallon Stocking Ideas

    So I already have a female betta in the tank. I want to put more fish that the betta would along with.
  9. Pregnant Molly

    Thanks for letting me know
  10. Pregnant Molly

    Okay so I have 2 mollys they have been pregnant for about 5 weeks now. I would like to know how much longer until the give birth. Btw they are in a 38 gallon
  11. Are Any Of My Ghost Shrimp Females

    Ya I figured the 1st one was a female cuz I just checked, she pregnant... imma be a grandad
  12. Are Any Of My Ghost Shrimp Females

  13. New Neon Tetras Died

    And what about the bio flim would I have to do the cycle all over again and wait a couple of weeks?
  14. New Neon Tetras Died

    This is what I mean for pre conditions water from pet smart
  15. New Neon Tetras Died

    In pet smart they sell aquarium water is that just dechlorine water?

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