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  1. Cycling tank

    Once I have my tank cycled and remove 70-90% of my water, do I dechlorinate the water I am going to add prior to putting it in the tank? Also what is a good dechlorinator to use? I thought I had read something about not using a dechlorinator that would effect the ammonia or something like that...
  2. Gravel types

    xI am setting up a 55 gallon freshwater tank.I am picking fish with some very pretty colors and wonder what color of gravel would help display these colors best. Would appreciate any adivice or tips.
  3. Plants for Freshwater tank

    I am doing research for the planning of a 55 gallon freshwater tank,eventually hope to stock with 6 danios,6barbs, 4 cory cats,6 rainbows, and 4 otto cats. I would like to have plants, not very many. I think I would prefer low light types.Would appreciate any info about plant types, care,etc.x
  4. I lost my little Orange Crush last night :o(

    I am so very sorry for your loss. I have yet to get my fish and I already can see how you can get so attached to these little fellas.I have always had cats/dogs/horses,this will be my first nonmammal pet.I am about to retire in 4 months at the same time my husband will be going back to work and...
  5. Help Aquarium and fish ownership for newbies

    thank you so much for the information.Anything else you can think of I would love to hear.This is a big project for me so I am trying to get all the practical information I can.
  6. Help Aquarium and fish ownership for newbies

    I am so glad I found this site. Please tell me more about TetraSafe Start.What is an "instant" cycle?I saw your picture of what appears to be Rotties.We used to have a female Rottie by the name of Roxanne.Please ,any advice or tips, please let me know. x
  7. Help Aquarium and fish ownership for newbies

    I hope to soon be purchasing a 55 gallon tank as my first tank based on info that a larger tank is actually easier to keep clean.I will be able to devote time to this project so I would prefer a larger tank as I would like to get several different type fish.I am planning on a freshwater tank.The...

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