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    Centerpiece fish for this?

    I’m not the guy to ask for raising fry. Plenty of other people can contribute their testimonies however. If you aren’t in the market for a breeding fish, a large school of tetras is equally as stunning for a centerpiece.
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    Centerpiece fish for this?

    Tetras do eat babies… unless you have some Corydoras I would not worry about aggression. Irregardless of babies, them “being in the mood” makes them look 100% better, if you care about looks and all that snazz.
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    Centerpiece fish for this?

    Don’t feed the babies, let nature take it’s course.
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    Centerpiece fish for this?

    May I suggest a pair of apistos?
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    What is Rummy nose tetra technical name?

    There is a species of 'rummynose' tetra in the genus Petitella (P. georgiae) however any rummynose under bleheri I would consider the same fish, and are most likely just aliases. I believe Hemmigrammus is the more widely accepted name for bleheri from what I remember, however, I am not caught up...
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    Honey=honey sunset=dwarf sunset?

    The problem that I’m addressing is that theres multiple fish sold under the names you specified so you need to make it more exact to the species you want. And yes, they are in that family.
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    Honey=honey sunset=dwarf sunset?

    Well there’s a couple things to consider. Honey gourami can be different from sunset honey gourami and dwarf honey gourami. The name honey Gourami is commonly associated with Trichogaster chuna but however the species Trichogaster labiosa is also sold under the name honey gourami and most...
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    Has anyone had any luck with the Petco “baby bettas”?

    Had one a year or two ago, no different from the regular bettas except raising them.
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    Honeys Eating Frogbit?

    Probably the honeys chewed them off. They seem to enjoy random plant matter in my experience and I've heard honeys (or maybe I'm confusing this with another species) like to nip at floating plant roots.
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    Gamers, what Are You Playing?

    Been playing too much War Thunder recently.
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    Adding apistogramma to my 180l planted community tank

    For most species as long as you have a male and female and some caves, they should be able to spawn. Eggs hatching no guarantee. Eggs will need softer water to hatch.
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    Honey Gourami Seems Stressed

    With golds it’s more difficult to determine sex due as most gold honeys don’t have visible lines from the eye to the caudual peduncle. While I do agree that OP’s fish is female I have kept female honeys that have successfully spawned without lines. Here is an old picture of one of my old female...
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    Help! ADF ate a bit of grass!!!!!!

    I'm quite confident that it will be fine. Its a piece of organic matter and doesn't pose much threat.
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    Blackwater Parosphromenus Tank Thoughts/Tips?

    Why not just make a species only licorice gourami tank? Like you said considering that paro's are docile I would think giving them a 20 to themselves is the best choice. Is there any particular reason for multiple species of paro? I would also be concerned for the bamboo shrimp in such a low...
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    Advice on keeping multiple dwarf gourami and the correct ratio.

    User jinjerJOSH22 has noted with his experience with keeping dwarf gourami in multiple numbers has not ended well even with mixed genders, along with that they are really, really, sick fish. My thoughts on Dwarf Gourami/Trichogaster Lalius
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