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    Help New Fluval Fx6 - Sloshing And Microbubbles - How To Fix?

    Try turning down the out flow just a tad to let intake catch up. This happens when your intake hose is longer than output.
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    Show off your fish tank!

    My 125g, now stocked
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    Something Coming Out Of Heater

    No not normal definitely defective, remove it asap
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    Snail Egg Sack

    Should I try to remove it, or just let it be. I believe their from my mystery snails. I have fancy gold fish in the tank wondering if they will eat them when hatched..
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    Freshwater Salt

    Aquarium salt, never heard of cichlid salt will have to look it up. Thanks
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    Freshwater Salt

    General wellness, I've heard it helps with slime coat and reduces stress as well as fin damage.
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    Freshwater Salt

    Looking for advice on weather to use salt or not, in my 100g cichlid community tank..
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    Need Help With Python And My Faucet

    You have to take that aerator from ur faucet, it should unscrew. Then screw on the brass adapter that comes with the python to ur faucet and attach the green python adapter to that.
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    Sick Molly

    Here's some new pics
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    Sick Molly

    It's just on one fin at the very tip. I'm going to move to qt to tank and try for better picture. If fungus what's a good treatment, I have salt, bifuran and methylene blue or anything you would recommend.
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    Sick Molly

    125gallon 10na, 0ni, 0am, ph 6.8, 3kh, 5gh Had him/her for over a year Just noticed this yesterday it's like a little balloon.
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    Sick Molly

    Strange white blister looking thing on end of fin, literally looks like it's got fluid inside. Any ideas?
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    Micro Bubbles From Fx6 Filter

    I got lots of micro bubbles coming out of my fx6 filter outlet, makes the tanks look carbonated. It just started last time I shut it off for water change. Never has it done it before.
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    Qt/med Tank

    Thanks, bare bottom it is.. I've used it more as hospital tank then qt..
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    Qt/med Tank

    Witch is better to have in a qt/med tank gravel or bare glass bottom?

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