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    What projects do you have planned for the future?

    One thing I'm definitely doing when I build my house- build in a huge tank to use as a room divider!! Maybe between the kitchen and dining room or something cool like that. I also think it would be awesome to have a tank that shows up underneath the kitchen cabinets and have an arowana in it so...
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    Worst purchase you've ever seen being made at an LFS/LPS?

    Probably all my purchases! That is, if other people were being nosy and looking at what I was buying. So many times I've walked out of there with some interesting combinations... a big pleco and a 10 gallon tank, some big silver dollars and tons of live plants, super mean cichlids with...
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    I don't like that fish!

    I've never admitted to not liking a fish before I don't like gold fish at all!! At least not when they have fancy fins, real fat bodies, bulging eyes, etc. LOL I feel bad saying it but geez I just don't like them. Cory cats... I tried so much to like them and owned some but they never really...
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    Water sign

    I'm an Aquarius!
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    marital status thread

    Sadly I'm single I haven't had any luck at all with love... guess I'm still young though Ohh and I remember a/s/l... brings back good memories
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    I can't believe someone could just say "oh well" to an animal dying
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    The Gender Thread!

    Female I think it's pretty obvious
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    The Age Thread!

    I'm 19 ^^ haven't started college yet though... sure not in a hurry
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    Glass Tops--Plastic Hood--Open Top

    Glass is the best! It doesn't get as nasty over time as plastic does. Easy to take the top off, put in a tub to be rinsed off and scrubbed with a glass cleaner. I also like open tops or partially open tops but they're not my favorite because water evaporates so fast.
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    Tank Stands/Time to Clean!

    Good idea!! I experience an avalanche whenever I try to look for something in a stand lol... also they're very dusty. I love the idea of cleaning them out once a year.
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    Funny Does anyone here have a dry towel?

    Nope all mine are soaked with fish tank water too lol! Each time I do laundry I end up with all the towels used up again... even my nice "good" towels have become fish tank towels! Also I may or may not have stolen some towels from my parents' bathroom LOL can never have enough
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    So I Was Thinking... Fishlore Mansion?

    I'd be in! I'd require my bedroom to also be filled with fish tanks though Also I second the barn... I'd have to bring my horses with me!
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    What is the most quiet air pump on the market?

    I think the Whisper pumps... and they work really well too I have two of them running air in 14 tanks
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    Flashy Pony!

    I love him!!! He's so beautiful! I drool over drafts... I've always wanted one. I'm small at 5'0 though so I'm not allowed lol, but today I test rode a draft pony (though technically horse-sized) and pretty sure I'm going to get her.
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    How do water clearers work?

    Yeah they're supposed to clump particles together, but I tried using them when I was new and they never did anything at all
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