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    What are you doing to your tank today?

    Did nothing today. I didn't have the energy after shoveling 2 feet of snow.
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    Are Fish in Petco or Petsmart Good Quality

    Every single fish that I have in my tanks, I ordered online. The only ones that were sick and died on me in quaruntine, were the first batch of Kuhli Loaches that I bought locally. Just make sure to go to a reputable website. Plenty of threads on this site that can help determine which are...
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    What are you doing to your tank today?

    WC on my 54 is done. I took down my last HOB. All internal filtration (internal canisters and sponges). One of the "baby" Apistos has really started coloring in this week. I've been thinking I'm going to end up with 2M / 3F (including their Mom), but not so sure it won't end up 1M 4F which would...
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    10 Gallon Tank Bottom dwellers for 10g

    Pygmy Corydoras (pygameus and habrosus) are more mid dwellers than bottom dwellers. For a 10, I'd look at shrimp.
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    Adding tea for tannins??

    I use Rooibos, it doesn't have to be organic. It needs to be just Rooibos (which is naturally caffeine free), and not flavored. Here's exactly the type I put in my tank every week. It doesn't have the same properties that IAL or similar things have (no tannins, fulvic, or humic acids) and won't...
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    Best “non fish tank stand” stand

    If at all possible, go with solid wood or metal. Pressboard or MDF will absorb spilled water and eventually warp. If you can find an old tv stand (solid wood, of course) at a thrift store, that might work well.
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    Getting new sponge filter...

    I prefer the double sponge filters that you can stick on the side glass myself, but a note about the little media chamber in these smaller sponge filters. A nice thing I like to do with them, especially in tanks where they're the only filtration, is to put specialized media in... example, I like...
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    Fish Buying Remorse / Regret

    The only trouble my Keyholes have gotten into, is when we had a decorating disagreement. I thought the tiger lotus bulb that hadn't sprouted yet looked better on the left side of the tank, they thought the right. Every night when lights were out, one of them would move it. It's doing alright on...
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    75 Gallon Tank What S/CA Cichlid should I remove from my stock list?

    Like the poster above said, Keyholes would struggle in that tank imo. They can be shy and skittish with bigger / more aggressive cichlids. Of everything you've listed, I think they would be most likely to struggle. They do best in a shoal of their own kind, where they can be the biggest cichlids...
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    Keyhole Cichlid with constipation?

    I can't give you any kind of for sure course of action, but my Keyholes are very energetic eaters. I try to avoid digestive issues by making sure they get some vegetation in their diets (I use Xtreme spirulina flakes or Omega one spirulina pellets), and fast them twice a week to make sure I'm...
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    Apartment plumbing and water changes

    Would attaching some sort of filter sock to the end of the hose work? This would stop the solids from running down the drain.
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    Lighting for Deep Aquarium

    I was going to make this suggestion. This is what type I would consider (went and found them on the amazon UK site since you all have those big chunky plugs)...
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    What are you doing to your tank today?

    I've never kept, well any kind of Rainbowfish tbh, but what research I've done on the Forktails has said that it's better to give males 2-3 females to avoid agrgession between males, and so the males won't harass the females to death.
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    What are you doing to your tank today?

    I've considered them, but reading through the reviews, it seems that they don't do a great job of balancing M/F very well (especially considering how easy it is to tell the difference between them) as well as issues with genetic deformities. I've had a lot of luck ordering from The Wet Spot and...
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    What are you doing to your tank today?

    More of a yesterday post, I broke down my nursery tank yesterday (after moving the young Apistos to the big tank on Saturday), wiped it all down and set it back up. For now, it's just growing out my christmas moss but once the weather improves and I can get my hands on the blue eyed forktail...
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