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    Question In 2019, can Discus handle weekly water changes?

    You would do almost daily water changes when they are babies due to their sensitive nature. As they get bigger and the size of a plate you don't have to do it every day. Just the first 9 months of their lives are usually the most time consuming hectic time.
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    Ich or fungus?

    Looks like fungus. If it were ich you see sprinkles of sugary like stuff on the fins. I would get fungus medication to treat.
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    PH dropping throughout week. Solutions?

    How much crush coral did you put in the tank? Generally I advise people 1 cup for every 40 gallons., so you would need...1/8th of a cup?
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    New Here

    The last time I cycled a tank was a few years ago with my 55g. I initially took some media out of my 90 to jump start it but I forgot to add dechlorinator into the tank which killed off whatever I had added from the 90. So I just let it sit for a month, added some food and it was ready in a...
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    Questions about discus?

    It's likely they're not used to their new surroundings. It's common with fish and it may take time for them to get used to it. I believe discus require more than just the two fish. You will need to add more in the future.
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    Help How to catch fast fish. . .

    You should drain the water all the way as much as you can. Also you might need to remove large objects so they don’t crash in and injure themselves.
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    Black Sand

    I went with the medium grit. I think the fine sand is just too dusty.
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    Black Sand

    I got my black diamond sand at Tractor Supply...depending on where you live you might want to check if there is one near you. If there isn't just look up Black Diamond Blasting Sand.
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    Fish Has Lost It's Tail! What Do I Do?!

    I would up your water changes so it promotes growth and decrease the chance of an infection. I keep an eye on it. You'll be quite surprised that clean water will lead to good health and regrowth.
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    Having My Parents Take Over

    If it were me I would treat this situation as a vacation mode. Don't feed the fish. Do a feeding and a large water change before your surgery, like 2 days before and go on vacation mode. It will be tough since your not on vacation but it will make it easier on your parents, less pressure too.
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    55gal Stand Only Touching On Sides

    Since this is a framed tank, as long as all four corners are touching you should be fine. It looks like you added shim's in the middle, which is fine. If there was a gap in one of the three corners that would more of a concern.
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    Help Helping A Friend Stock A 20 H

    High tanks are tough to stock. My concern is that the danio and the barbs don't have much room due to the height. If it was a regular 20 gallon long it be a different story.
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    Oscar Rescue, Best Way To Proceed

    Wish you luck. I wish people took care of the water pets as much as we do. Glad your trying to help.
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    Almost 100% Stocked

    If you fell your tank is in perfect harmony I wouldn't add anything else. Sometimes doing nothing is the best thing and in your case if everybody is happy you should just enjoy the tank.
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    Gap In Aquarium

    If there are no leaks and it's holding I don't think it's a problem.

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