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    20 Gallon Tank Should i give up on cories?

    It depends on the type you have, there is a hardiness difference across species, some being more tolerant than others. It's important to ensure you have the proper setup with suitable substrate, and that you follow proper cleaning protocol. They are the closest to the substrate, and first...
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    Older cat doesnt like hot weather

    If it's anything similar to dogs, hot weather with an old animal can be difficult because they have a lower tolerance for extreme conditions outside of the normal ranges. Dogs will begin to pant way faster than normal when exposed to warmer weather, and reduced activity is normal as well.
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    Do Not catch Bn plecos in a net here’s why

    Just because you shouldn't use a net to catch them doesn't mean people don't, if you're buying at the store then most likely they'll use a net. As long as you are careful, then it won't be too difficult. They definitely will get stuck if too large for the net, or if the fish moves around too...
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    Sketch Your Setup!

    I would draw it somewhat like this, my current five gallon.
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    Betta begs for food more when the kids are around?

    It's normal behavior for almost any animal, they see you as someone who provides for them, and they try to get your attention. For fish, they don't particularly always try to show affection so that you'll reward them, but they get used to you coming around the tank and feeding them, so they...
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    Help me convince my parents

    I'm sure you've gotten a range of answers already, but if I may offer my point of view. As someone who started the hobby without money of my own, meaning I was under the decisions and financial status of my parents, they had to approve everything before I got to fulfill my wishes. I had many...
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    Keeping frogbit from moving in the current?

    I recommend making a loop of some sort, it definitely helps contain them in tanks with higher flow.
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    I dont know what’s wrong with my betta

    I had a female with the same issue, it was a bump on the side that continuously got larger. I wasn't able to figure out how to treat it either, it never went away. Unfortunately, it got to the point where she was impaired and eventually passed. Would you happen to have a photo of it closer up...
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    Clamped fin after ammonia spike?

    I think you should be fine after doing water changes, he should release his fins after a while. If he's active and eating normally like you mentioned then there isn't much to worry about at this point.
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    29 Gallon Tank Aenus/panda cory experiences?

    I have kept them before, they're a lot smaller and really cute in a large group. They are fairly active, but from my experience, they were a bit more fidgety than the albinos.
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    I Need Cycling Help

    I'll give this a try, thanks!
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    I Need Cycling Help

    mattgirl So the ammonia was completely gone before 24 hours, and I did a water change and added the betta. I was wondering if there is any other way that I can remove the larger seeded sponge so that I can finish the decorating on the tank instead of having to wait a whole month before I can...
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    How do you get good circulation for your betta tank?

    I don't think dead spots are going to cause an issue for the betta, they naturally live in bodies of water that have little to no surface agitation. I use sponge filters, and they create just enough bubbles to disturb the surface of the water. If you find that the filter is too strong, putting...
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    Used GE Silicone - fish acting strange

    I'd wait at least a week and a half, perhaps even two if it means your tank will be totally safe. It's better to have the fish in a less ideal "temporary" containment and alive rather than rushing things and having them all die.
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    Used GE Silicone - fish acting strange

    The silicone wouldn't be safe if it contains a mold inhibitor, that is something should always look out for when choosing a silicone to use in a tank. Plus, you added the fish back way too soon, silicone takes a week or more in a well-ventilated area to fully cure and to allow the fumes to...
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