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  2. Please help, dealing with betta fin rot - Updated, has he improved?

    I am not exactly sure, it's been a while since I have had an actual betta, but fin rot usually looks a bit different than this. Do you have anything in the tank that could be tearing his fins?
  3. Please help, dealing with betta fin rot - Updated, has he improved?

    Hello, sorry to hear you've been having some trouble! The best way to naturally cure fin rot is to do routine water changes each day until you notice improvement, just change about half of the entire volume per day. You do not need to be adding the salt to the tank, nor do you need to take him...
  4. New Betta

    Hello, and welcome to fishlore! The recommended minimum for bettas is typically 2.5 gallons, but a lot of keepers standardize betta tanks to be five or ten gallons. It depends on the type of betta you are keeping, but longer tail varieties can be kept in small tanks of 2.5 gallons, while tail...
  5. Painting aquarium background

    I don't mind the idea of painting the back of a tank, but it's somewhat permanent and can be a pain to do. If you end up painting it, my recommendation is to use a roller and take it slowly. I just use a simple background like a poster board and attach it with adhesive strips.
  6. Hello from Canada

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  7. 10 Gallon Tank Guppy playing dead?

    It either didn't acclimate properly, or was already ill upon purchase.
  8. Arnold gets an upgrade!

    It's beautiful!
  9. Hello, I'm a newbie

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  10. Hope for Hank

    I am sorry to hear that BNBetta, hopefully you can find the perfect dog for you.
  11. Returning User

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  12. Question Can I.....

    I agree with and second what has been said by the others above.
  13. Question AqaAdvisor

    I don’t frequent the site, but it is operational for me as of today.
  14. I upgraded my enclosure!!!

    Wow, that's pretty big! It looks great, love the plants!

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