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    Question Weird situation: What to do with these corys?

    You said your QT was bare (good for a QT), corys like stuff in the tank. Between the size and the lack of ability to hide, they sound pretty normal to me.
  2. Today, 30th of July, the Valisneria is finally truly taking over :o)

    Today, 30th of July, the Valisneria is finally truly taking over :o)

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    Question Do you flush your fish?

    As in diseases (and same goes for plants) that do NOT belong in the environment I would be flushing them in. I do not assume that my aquarium is a breeding-grounds for mad and mutated monster diseases Yes, but the way i see it, our water treatment is meant to deal with sewage, and sewage...
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    5 Gallon Tank Brown algae, is it a problem?

    I've heard that too, well worth a try. Hope it works out
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    Question Do you flush your fish?

    No, I don't. There are possible pathogens in aquarium fish that I would not want to introduce to the outside world. Same goes for aquarium plants as far as I'm concerned. If I lose a fish it goes into a ziplock bag and in the garbage.
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    I can't find java moss anywhere

    It *should* be easy to tell the difference between a true Marimo and a java moss ball. The Marimo is an algae ball, and so does not have real fronds, it looks and feels very smooth compared to any true moss. Btw, the Marimo can also be flattened and grown that way, and either type is fine with...
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    I haven't seen them for a few days now, wondering if the others got to them all. Am hoping they are just very good at hiding, would be fun to see one or two growing up ;D
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    5 Gallon Tank Brown algae, is it a problem?

    Beautiful little tank, and it sure looks well lit
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    Question 1 gallon okay for any fish?

    Shrimps have a very low bioload, but not entirely sure how many I would recommend for that size. Maybe someone that has extensive experience with shrimp can answer that Plants are good, I know shrimps like mossy type plants and those Marimo balls. An added benefit of the Marimos is that they...
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    5 Gallon Tank Brown algae, is it a problem?

    It could be that your tank isn't getting enough light, but aside from the unsightliness of diatoms, they should not pose any sort of threat
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    Help. What kind of algae is this? How do I control it?

    Diatoms are extremely common in new tanks, and they seem to flourish in low light situations. How many watts do you have over your tank? Also, do you use plant fertilizer? Your plants look like a mixture of Java fern (the bigger one with slightly broader leaves) and cryptocorynes.
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    Need help!! Allege is out of control

    Is it green water (algae bloom) your have, or is the algae attached to the glass of your tank? For actual algae bloom I think the most effective way to get rid of it is to do a tank black-out. You can also use a UV sterilizer, this will kill free floating algae, like those in an algae bloom...
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    cory cats

    The one time I had different types of corys they schooled with each other, but you can't really know whether they will or not. Adding more of each type should make sure they all have some friends to hang with
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    Question 1 gallon okay for any fish?

    I would think maybe some type of tiny shrimp? Don't think any fish should be in a "tank" that small tbh.
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    Getting Stressed

    As Akari said, most fish will quite readily adapt to different PH. The most important thing by far is that your pH is stable, not so much what it is. Specific pH ranges are mainly useful for breeding fish. Pick your fish based on what you want and what your tank can comfortably house, and...

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