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  1. Any Ideas Would Help On This Crazy Worm

    I’ve seen lots of little pest like planaria and detritus worms but nothing like this, it’s extremely sluggish and kinda reminds me of a caterpillar
  2. 120 gallon Low Tech Planted Build

    Ok ive still got a while till i set it up, 2 months. Want to make sure im positive this is what i want. Any one care to explain how shrimp breeding works to me or have any good articles to read, Like how to know which species of shrimp will and wont cross breed.
  3. 120 gallon Low Tech Planted Build

    The Tank is going to be lit with 2 36in Finnex Stingray and filtered with 2 110 Aqua Clears. Im planning on the back 12in of the aquarium to be heavily planted with stem plants and having some wood some were in there too. I want to mainly stock this tank with nano fish (or nano fish compatible)...
  4. 150 Angel Tank

    Alright thanks for the advice ill probably chose to go with 2 angles, i am planning on adding some plecos
  5. 150 Angel Tank

    So i have a 150 gallon filtered with 2 Aquaclear 110's that i planning on having angelfish as the center piece fish i was hopping y'all could give me so ideas on other fish to build around them heres what i have so far. ( im trying to keep this kind of under stocked and the schools of fish may...
  6. Tub Pond Problems

    Ok thanks ill definitely look into that
  7. Tub Pond Problems

    so im getting a Rubbermaid 50 g stock tub and i already see a massive problem with it being 12'' deep. I have dogs and know for a fact that they'll have a blast getting in it, any thoughts on a solution. thx again, Eric
  8. Please Help, Shrimp Are Dying

    Ik the photos are not great but best I can do today and have a good thanks giving
  9. Please Help, Shrimp Are Dying

    I’m positive it’s not the ammonia but I will try to get a new test kit for it and the gouramis max out at around 1.25 in
  10. Please Help, Shrimp Are Dying

    Based on the water parameters I have if these don’t work out which species would fit my water better or what are some ways for me to buffer it for the shrimp
  11. Please Help, Shrimp Are Dying

    And thx for all the help and replies
  12. Please Help, Shrimp Are Dying

    There’s a pic of my parameters and I let them sit in a bag in the water for 2 hours and I would have qt them but its full of chiclids that would have made a snack out of them and I did as you said and turned of the light and plan to feed very lightly every few days just for the sparkling gouramis
  13. Please Help, Shrimp Are Dying

    I’m not super experienced in shrimp but I got these guys yesterday because of how nice they look. There in a 5 gallon with 3 sparkling Gouramis who seem to show little aggression I am a experienced fish keeper just not with shrimp, I checked nitrates and nitrites and they seem to be fine. The shrimp...
  14. Self Sustaining Aquarium

    I’ve read it many times not a fun read tho I understand the concepts of the book but I’m looking more in the area of farming copepods and other inverts as food inside the system
  15. Self Sustaining Aquarium

    So ive been trying to make a self sustaining recently just to give something cool a try, ive got a refuge on the way. the plan with that is to breed shrimp and other small inverts in there. the tank is 29 gallons with 3 paradise fish 6 otos 8 albino corycats.its heavily planted with 1.5in of...

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