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    How to grow betta fins back?

    Hello Everyone! I have a betta fish whos fins have been split and rotted for a few months now. I got him about 3 or 4 months ago and I put him in a 3 gallon tank with a filter (but no water heater.) About 3 weeks afterward, his fins started clamping and splitting. It progressed to to a lot of...
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    Skin flukes? Help!

    I have my 10 gallon tank stocked fairly heavy. There hasn't been any problems for the 4 months I have had it stocked this way, until now. I had... 2 dwarf gourami 2 female mollies 2 swordtails (1 was about 3 inches long) 5 small guppies 2 snails (all fish are under 2 inches long) About 3...
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    Skin flukes? Help!

    Hello everyone. I just pulled out a dead swordtail from my 10 gallon tank today. The past few days it hasn't been eating and has been quite lethargic. After pulling it out today, I noticed that it had red lesions on the top of his head and along the body. The lessions on the body are long and...
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