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    What Type Of Endler Is This?

    It's a very pretty chili K class Endler. The more expensive ones I've seen don't have any black markings on the body. I've been trying to breed for more lavender and with a flame tail.
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    Where To Find Endlers?

    Are you in Hawthorne, CA?
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    Amazon Swords. Help!

    Organic potting soil can add tanins to your water and turn it brownish if you use glass pebbles instead of sand or a gravel cap. This can lower the pH for a bit, but regular water changes will soon get it back to normal. I've had no issues at all.
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    Amazon Swords. Help!

    I highly recommend putting down an inch or organic potting soil, then capping with sand, gravel, or glass pebbles. The swords will grow much better, and you can wait a few months before putting down some fertilizer tabs. A friend of mine just puts down pockets of Flourite into the gravel and...
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    Pregnant Guppy Help!!

    I have never seen anything like this before. Does she seem to be in any pain? I would put her in a hospital tank and observe. If she seems to be suffering, then I would go with some clove oil.
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    What’s Your Beef With Activated Carbon?

    I actually think activated carbon is wonderful stuff. So simple, based on an ancient technique, yet incredibly useful. There are fish who are heavy polluters, and I would use activated carbon specifically for them. I have used it a lot in the past, but since my Endlers don't produce much...
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    Want To Buy Male Guppies

    Would you consider Endlers?
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    Want To Sell El Tigre N Class Endlers In Southern Ca

    My el tigre tank runneth over and the little guys are ready to take off and colonize other parts. No, I don't have a certificate, but I got them from someone who in turn got them from Europe. I paid through the nose for them as my offer of my first-born was turned town. I'm offering them up...
  9. El tigre green body

    El tigre green body

    In this photo, the mostly green body shows better.
  10. el tigre male

    el tigre male

    I love how some of them have black markings on their ventral fins.
  11. el tigre

    el tigre

    His body is actually mostly green, but it's hard to see in this photo.
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    Comment by 'endlercollector' in media 'IMG_2826'

    Yes, I was so shocked when all these amazing blue colors started popping up in this group ;)
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    How Do You Restart A Tank After Infection?

    I would empty it, scrape off any deposits with vinegar, then spray all non porous surfaces with 70% rubbing alcohol, allowing to air dry. Same with filter. I would dump any sand and gravel (good for growing potted succulents). I’ve torn down so many tanks after infections that I’ve made the...
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    Question Accidentally Breeding Turquoise Rainbows

    Lucky you! How many gallons is the sump? I would put them in a grow out tank and let them get to at least an inch before putting them in with the others to keep them from getting too harassed
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    Suggest A Sponge Filter

    Yeah, I've got something similar going on. I've tried all different ones. Most recently, I got a 6 pack of 20-gal filters, but they seem to be selling them in 3 packs now. and this is the pump that I've bought several of

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