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    How to Sex tiger barbs??

    found it
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    How to Sex tiger barbs??

    I can't find the site where I read it, but I think the nose and mouth of the male are a redish-orange color, whereas the females don't have any special coloration on the nose and mouth. If I can find the site I will post a link.
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    My tanks and fish

    Yep 30 litres=7.9 gallons. There is a useful conversion calculator at . It does distance,weight, volume and temp. Very handy
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    Tiger Barbs and Panda Cories

    Just thought I would post this as general info since I haven't found any similar warning in my readings so far. A couple of weeks ago I bought 4 Panda Cories and put them in my 55 Gal tank with, among other fish, 5 Tiger Barbs. At first the Cories were very timid and stayed separated (see post...
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    Newest additions to my tank

    They are really a cool looking Cory Here is a link that tells a little more about them
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    My new tank

    Since platies come before tetras on the chart go to the far left side of the chart and find platies, go all the way to the right on that line. That is how platies are compatable with themselves. Now take that column and go down to tetras and you will see a green Y which means that they are...
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    My new tank

    I had some trouble with that too. I think that its arraigned by aggressiveness (but I am not sure, given the placement of the Cory Cats) with the most aggressive,or possibly active, fish at the top and left (Malawian Cichlids) to the least aggressive in the bottom and right (Freshwater Plants)...
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    Now THIS makes me angry

    PETA has nothing to do with it! From a scientific perspective anything that has a nervous system is capable of feeling pain. Pain is an electrical impulse sent to the brain when tissue is damaged. Fish definitely have a developed enough nervous system to qualify under this definition. However...
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    fortress of solitude

    When you get it setup please post some pictures. It sounds like it will be really cool MTH
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    tiger barb, sumatra barb compatible tank mates

    From what I have read, Tiger Barbs are compatible with most comunity fish, I have mine with Danios, Cories, a Clown Pleco and a Rainbow Shark and a Gold Gourami. Tigers are best kept in a group of at least 5 or 6. If they are kept in smaller groups they tend to pick on their tank mates. When...
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    Newest additions to my tank

    Thanks for all of your replies I think I have some new information on the subject though. I was at another pet store last night picking up some food and I noticed all of the Panda Cories there were *much* bigger than the ones I have. I think the ones I have are probably babies. I am now...
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    Newest additions to my tank

    Forgot to mention that my water chemitry is good Amonia-0 Nitrite-0 Nitrate- between 5 and 10 MTH
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    Newest additions to my tank

    Well I finally got some Cory Cats Panda Cories to be more specific. I am actually kinda worried about them. I got 4 of them Friday and they seem too afraid to come out. The Tiger Barbs chased them for a bit but it didn't look like the Tigers were trying to hurt the Cories, more like they were...
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    HELP!! Confused by Mixed Advice

    Are you using a de-clorinator when you are doing your water changes? If not it is possible that the chlorine in the water is killing off the beneficial bacteria. Just a thought ??? MTH
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    My tank has finally cycled

    Yep I probably will get another tank in a couple of months. Its amazing how relaxing and interesting it they are to watch. I might try a Cichlid tank for my next one. I really like their bright colors. I have definitely become hooked ;D.
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