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  1. Suggestions For A 29 Gallon

    I think Gourami's make lovely centerpieces, or Angelfish
  2. Fish Id: Wild Caught Fish In Central Fl

    I agree with above comments, looks like either a wild molly or guppy to me. Definitely a live-bearer
  3. Question Fish Id: What Kind Of Fish Is This?

    Sorry about the poor photo quality, I need help identifying this fish though. My friend saw it at an aquarium and wanted to know what it was, and I’m completely stumped. Never seen anything like it! Looked it up but the closest thing I could find was a silver pike or some type of freshwater...
  4. Question What Type Of Betta Tail Is This?

    I was doing some research and the closest thing I could find to what he is looks like a pastel dumbo ear rosetail betta
  5. Question What Type Of Betta Tail Is This?

    I've never seen him flare, I could try to get him to though. Maybe try a mirror? Really, I didn't know that! Thanks!
  6. Question What Type Of Betta Tail Is This?

    Really! Thanks, I thought he could be that. I noticed the ripped fins, he had those when I got him. I tried to make sure his tank is safe and he won't rip them anymore, its just some spiderwood driftwood and live plants in there. Do you think that's all safe? I've heard of bettas chewing their...
  7. Betta Photos

    This is my Dumbo betta, Jeffery
  8. Question What Type Of Betta Tail Is This?

    Last Saturday I got a betta! I named him Jeffery, I got him at our LFS, and he's absolutely gorgeous! I love that store because they have unusual types of bettas and they're all extremely healthy with very long fins and vibrant colors. The jar he was in was labeled "Dumbo Betta" because of the...
  9. Substrate Or No Substrate For Betta Tank?

    Never tried sand, it sounds a bit more difficult to take care of, however I'm certainly open to trying new things! I was reading a website and they put it this way "you want the best water quality as possible for your betta. If you're doing a small tank, its recommended to do water changes at...
  10. I Think My Tank Is Cursed... Downsizing To Betta Tank

    Well, when I say that I mean when my fish would die I would clean everything out and restart basically, obviously cycling the tank again. I did that in case something toxic had leaked into the tank, thought it clearly didn't help. Thanks though
  11. 5 Gallon Tank Best Adjustable Heater?

    Marineland adjustable submersible heater is great!
  12. Question Which Brand Of Heater Is Best.

    Definitely Marineland. They come in lots of watts, are submursible and adjustable, and very affordable. I got mine for $22 on amazon, its 150watts for my 30gal. I've had it for 9 months and its never once malfunctioned, always heats right at the temp I set it to.
  13. Substrate Or No Substrate For Betta Tank?

    I'm going to be starting a planted betta tank, just some anubis tied to driftwood, and floating wysteria. I already have some gravel from an old tank, but I'm trying to decide whether I should use it or not. It would be a lot easier to clean, and might look really nice to not use any substrate...
  14. I Think My Tank Is Cursed... Downsizing To Betta Tank

    So I've been fish keeping for about 5 years, I've kept a wonderful male betta named Charlie in a 1gal jar, he lived over 2 years and died of old age. He was my first fish, and I was excited to get more and upgrade to a bigger tank for my next fish. Everything I've ever read online always says...
  15. Question Should You Ever Just Quit?

    I can relate so much with this, I'm downsizing from a 30gal expensive tank setup to a small betta tank because I can't keep anything else alive. Fishkeeping is hard....

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