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    How much time will those amano shrimps need to be adoult size?

    They grow pretty quickly- I would say full size around 5-6 months. I think it also depends on the availability of food. Some of mine never really grew much, and I figured out it was because they weren't getting to the food I put in for them quick enough
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    Damaged nerite shell remedy ?

    Shells can take a while to heal. Adding calcium is the best way to help them out. Cuttlefish bones are a great way to add calcium to the water column. They don't need to eat them; just being in the tank will cause them to leach calcium into the water. Egg shells accomplish the same thing, so...
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    10 Gallon Tank Fish community

    I think having the two mollies alone would be fine. If you wanted a different kind of fish, for the one molly, ember tetras are good for a ten gallon.
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    Plz help me clarify about cleaning driftwood!?

    Biofilm is only going to last a few months at most. It happens to new driftwood, but will not continue to come back. So, boil it whenever you see it if you are going that route, but it shouldn't always come back
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    Plz help me clarify about cleaning driftwood!?

    I am guessing you are talking about biofilm, which is normal and harmless. You can just take it out and wipe it down if you want. Boiling it is fine too, but if it is biofilm it isn't necessary
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    29 G Tall Ideas

    For an unusual top dweller, hatchet fish are very fun, but just make sure you have a secure lid! For a different centerpiece fish, maybe a pair of apistos?
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    10 Gallon Tank Fish community

    So I am assuming the glofish you got are striped tiger barbs. They are a schooling fish and need a group of 6, so a 10 gallon will not work for that. In addition, they are somewhat aggressive and might not work with any mollies. I would advise you return the glofish or get a bigger tank asap. I...
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    Floating Plant Recommendations

    I would recommend bacopa. It can also be planted, but does really well floating and won't mind the high light. Mine grows pretty fast as well.
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    2 Gallon Tank My Walstad's Journey :)

    Awesome job, I am glad you got those guys rehomed and now have a great shrimp tank :)
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    Ich Treatment with Snails

    I am so sorry! So in theory, ich can't survive without fish. Keeping the tank without fish for two weeks should be enough to get rid of it. if you ditch the filter media, it might crash the cycle.
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    Ich Treatment with Snails

    It does look like it has gotten infected with bacteria/fungi. I prefer Ich-X to any other ich medication. I would keep him in the quarantine, but chances are the ich is going to spread. You can watch all of your fish closely and wait, or use the ich-X now. It is really up to you. I think the...
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    Am i doing this right?

    You could move it down to a 25% water change as long as your tank is cycled well, but as someone said, a 50% isn't hurting anything.
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    Bubbles floating around on surface?

    Mine does that as well, and my 20 g HOB filter can too. I am not really sure if there is anyway to stop it, but nothing is wrong.
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    I can't tell if those white spots are actually on the fish from the picture, but if it is little white salt looking flecks on the fish, I would say it is ich. Typically with ich you need to treat the whole tank anyway. I have successfully treated ich with Paraguard, but I do not think it is...
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    Black Moor Fin Rot?

    In my opinion I do think his color might just be changing. It doesn't look infected at all, so I doubt it is fin rot. You can do some extra water changes if you are worried (that is typically all you need to do for fin rot, anyway) but I think you are good.
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