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    Is my danio glofish pregnant?

    Danios are egg scatterers so the chances are unless you're going out of your way to breed them they won't be successful. As others have mentioned you are not allowed to breed any "glo" type fish (bettas, danios, tetras, sharks) the company has a patent on them. Most likely you won't even see...
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    5 Gallon Tank Betta and berried shrimp

    So a couple things. There are multiple varieties of "ghost shrimp" is my understanding. All have very different breeding requirements. The more commonly sold ones (the ones found in most pet stores) are a variety that requires brackish water for the eggs to survive. Its possible you have a...
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    Clown Pleco Cleaning Leaves?

    Clown plecos really are pretty lazy in terms of algae but eat a lot of wood. The piece you have is probably fine for now. There are foods out there for plecos that are a wood diet, you may want to look into those to supplement his food. The brand is called Repashy. There's a couple pleco...
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    Is this enough food?

    Nerite snails are really hit or miss if they'll eat prepared foods. In my experience they don't. They usually only go for natural growing algae. So with that being said you likely have too many for a long term tank for them unless you're going to supplement their food. The only sure fire way...
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    Adding water from hot tap.

    I also have never heard of not using hot water? I've lived in various houses with different plumbing systems with zero issue. Now I wouldn't add HOT water to a tank but using the temp controls on your faucet to get the water to the temp you need isn't going to be an issue.
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    20 Gallon Tank What fish will thrive in 72-74 degrees Fahrenheit?

    Unfortunately, your tank isn't large enough for multiple schools. When you're stocking a tank you have to look at the overall footprint of the tank and where all the fish you have spend the majority of their time. The tetras all hang out in the mid level of your tank, adding more is cramping...
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    How do I feed veg to my Oto’s?

    My otos won't eat anything other than natural algae growing. I've tried veggies, gel foods, algae wafers, etc. If your tank doesn't have enough you can always grow algae in a glass cup in a window
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    20g breeding projects

    I have a breeding trio of BN plecos in my 20g. I also have mystery snails and I plan to put guppies in there so I'll have three breeding projects in one tank, I'll likely move it up to a 29g when the fish room is done before I add the guppies but that's what I'm doing for now. I have also...
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    (Adult) oscar will eat feeders but not small tank mate?

    Oscars will eat anything in their mouth, given time he will likely eat any smaller tankmates.
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    20 Gallon Tank What fish will thrive in 72-74 degrees Fahrenheit?

    I probably wouldn't add another type of fish for the mid level. Maybe a couple more neon tetras. You can probably add a couple snails tho
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    GLO-be Won Kenobi [Baby glo betta]

    Hello everyone! So I have 14 bettas from all over the world and I couldn't resist getting a glo betta. He's super tiny and honestly not healthy looking at all. I actually thought he was a she when I bought him because the water was so cloudy I couldn't see him. Got him home and in a warm 3.5g...
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    Hospital tanks..

    I keep a quarantine tank handy BUT I don't usually keep it running. If it stays running I stock it which means I need a new me, just did that with a breeding trio of plecos and now I need yet another tank....darn. Normally tho I run an extra sponge filter on my community tank (I...
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    Helo with Betta fish Please

    Overtime he will get stronger. For now you can take a fake silk plant and shove the base into the filter and have the plant itself hanging out. That will diffuse the flow so its not so powerful
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    Low grade animals

    For me it really depends on what the reasoning for being a "cull" is. If its a major deformity that the fish will not live a full life then I am not a fan of keeping it for the sake of keeping it. Now if you're just talking a "cull" that was in the cull category due to not being up to par with...
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    Colorful, coldwater, high PH, 10g stock options

    I'd probably add a couple male endlers or a single honey gourami. If you're upgrading tanks soon I'd recommend upping your school of cories
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