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  1. Gaping Gill?

    I was mistaken - It is both sides. All the same, my Honey Gourami has been kind of antsy lately-I've seen him chase a Harley a few times, but only briefly.
  2. Gaping Gill?

    Also, what does 'flashing' mean?
  3. Gaping Gill?

    If I remember correctly, it was one side. It seemed to be gasping a bit - could it be ammonia poisoning?
  4. Gaping Gill?

    Hello! My tank has been disease free for a long time now, so I decided to add a few more fish to it. My tank is now stocked like so: 6 Rummynose Tetras 6 Harlequin Rasboras 1 Honey Gourami 1 Bristlenose Pleco I added the additional fish in the evening, and came down this morning to see...
  5. HELP! Ich concerns and treatment

    I had the same thing, and here's what I did: (I couldn't do the salt treatment because it would have hurt my Cory) 1.Turned the heat up a little. It speeds up the cycle of the three stages of ich and makes it easier to catch. 2. Turned up my air pump. You're going to need all the oxygen you can...
  6. Angelfish Compatability

    I talked to some people at my favourite fish store, and they said everything would be fine as far as adding an Angelfish goes. If I'm going to get one, though, there are some more questions I'd like to ask: Do Angelfish like anything in particular? (ex. plecos like driftwood) Do they prefer room...
  7. Stocking a 29 gallon with schooling fish

    Are you sure? My rasboras may be thin, but they are very tall and would probably be difficult to eat.
  8. Angelfish Compatability

    Hello, I've wanted an Angelfish since forever, and I might be able to get one now. I've read that they're bossy, though-is that true? What fish would they be compatible with? Also, how easily do they get fin rot?
  9. Stocking a 29 gallon with schooling fish

    Theoretically, if I were to get a second 29 gallon tank, would this combinations work? 6+ Harlequin Rasboras 6+ Rummynose Tetras 6+ Panda Corydoras 1 Angelfish 1 Bristlenose Pleco Are all the fish compatible? I've always wanted an Angelfish.
  10. Which driftwood position is better? Any suggestions?

    I'm not sure if a 10 gallon is large enough, but what about a Bristlenose Pleco? In photographs they might not look that special, but having owned two I think they're stunning. Also, they have lots of personality for a fish-it's hilarious watching them much away at the walls.
  11. Tank Reccomendations?

    Is there anything Bettas especially like? (ex. gouramis like floating plants, plecos like driftwood)
  12. Tank Reccomendations?

    Are Bettas a lot hardier than other fish? How long of a life span do they have?
  13. Stocking a 29 gallon with schooling fish

    I'll get to a pet store as soon as I can to get my rummies some friends, I wouldn't want them to be under stress.
  14. Stocking a 29 gallon with schooling fish

    Like this? Ten Harlequin Rasboras Ten Rummynose Tetras Ten Corydoras Two Dwarf Honey Gouramis One Bristlenose Pleco 33 fish...good? I am looking for tight schoolers. My rummy noses school very tightly and there's only two of them, so I'm sure it looks super cool when there's more. The...
  15. Stocking a 29 gallon with schooling fish

    I raised the schools to ten each, and here's what the tank would be like with the new fish added: Ten Harlequin Rasboras Ten Rummynose Tetras Ten Corydoras Two Dwarf Honey Gouramis One Bristlenose Pleco Ten of another schooling fish (Do you guys have any recommendations?) That's 43 fish. Is...

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