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    What to expect?

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    What type?

    Sailfin deffenitly!
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    compatible stocking list?

    make sure if you get a pair of clownfish they are a breeding pair and/or only get 1 female. DO NOT get only one male clownfish. He might seem fine,and un-agressive at first but in a couple of months he will be VERY territorial. You'll be fine with everyother fish. GOOD LUCK!
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    Salamanders Eat Goldfish?

    I honestly wouldnt even take the chance just incase
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    Fluval 105 canister filter

    I would do pre filter on bottom bio middle ( always) carbon last ( only used to polish and remove odors from the water
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    cost of a saltwater set up. 65-75 gallons

    Welcome to Fishlore! A FOWLR tank would cost about $620-$645, A reef set-up would cost you a goot $750-$850 (wide range due to lighting possibilitys) also it is fairly easy to upgrade from a FOWLR tank to a reef tank
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    75 Gallon Tank what is the best filter out there for a 75g tank?

    I'm looking to upgrade to a 75 gallon tank. What would be the best filter to get in the price range of up to $140?
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    Will a 29 gallon aquarium hold Tinfoil Barbs for about 6 months?

    I have: 1: Honey Gorami 2: TFB's 2: Bala Sharks 2: Silver dollars 1: RTS 1: CAE 3: Zebra Danios. Can a 29 gallon hold these till holliday season? ( Christmas, and my b-day in january) Thanks, Dr. Tyler J. Shoemaker
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    Shipping Fish

    Welcom to Fish Lore, Generally, anywhere from about $30 to about $150 depending on your location and size of the fish. Personally I opt out when it comes to shipping fish because its just a pain. But if you LPS doesn't have that certain fish, or no one in the state has that fish, the only...
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