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    Ich that won't go away!!!

    Sorry it took me so long to get back to this, I've been busy fighting this outbreak. I'll increase my temp more then, cause at the moment it's only 78. As for the gravel vacs and so on I'm on that, and good thing I keep a jar of fresh minced garlic in the fridge lol. Being Italian comes in handy...
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    Ich that won't go away!!!

    I have been fighting an outbreak of ich for at least 3 weeks now, and I'm not having any luck at all. Last night I looked at my fish to check on them and I found my poor baby oscar floating. :'( I've been changing water, increased the heat and treated them with medication, if I can remember...
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    How many tanks do you currently have running?

    Ummm lemmie think here..... 10g female guppy tank, 10 gal male guppy tank, 10gal african clawed frog tank, my betta tank, 55 gal community tank, and a breeder tank for the guppies...... I think my husband has it worse than me the 55gal and the betta is mine all the guppy stuff is his ;D
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    Prego guppy qeustion

    No she was in the process of giving birth I believe. I noticed this morning that she was pooched out at the back of her belly near her gravid spot, so I'm guessing she may have had trouble with one being to big. She has been prego for right around a month or so, so I know she was about to pop...
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    New Oscar baby

    Ooo that's a good one too maestroDAWG And thank you, at least the new husband shares my fish keeping issues lol He has a serious Guppy addiction
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    Prego guppy qeustion

    Got a question for anyone who may know. Is it possible that a female guppy would have either been too old or had complications during birth that it would ultimately end her sweet little fishie life? We had Big momma looking like she was about to bust and I noticed this morning she was hovering...
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    New Oscar baby

    You know that would more than likely fit him lol. I have a funny feeling he is gonna be a tank wrecker and then some, just as soon as he is a bit bigger. Thankfully everything in his tank is weighted so he will just have to scoot everything around to his liking.
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    New Oscar baby

    Ok it's been quite a while since I was on and posted. Seeing as I went through a nasty divorce and moved to Texas and have now remarried to the most wonderful man ever, but anyways on to the oscar. So I got a new Tiger Oscar yesterday, and I'm having a hard time coming up with a good name for...
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    55 Gallon Tank What to stock my tank with??

    I like tetras a lot they are such pretty fish. Alot is gonna depend on what the fish stores around here have too, I have a Petsmart and a LFS and Wal-mart (which I won't buy fish from). So we'll see what they have in the tetra line.
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    55 Gallon Tank What to stock my tank with??

    Ok so I got a 55 gal tank for Christmas from my hubby, and I'm trying to figure out what to stock it with. Right now I have a male dwarf gouramI and a pleco in there and 2 dojo loaches. I want it to be relatively active any suggestions?
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    Tragedy and bliss mixed...

    OMG PFP I am so sorry about Garth and KiwI that breaks my heart for you.
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    Yippee a new tank for me

    Great find I wouldnt have passed it up either
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    Update on Gizmo

    Awww that's cute My 2 are doing great too and seem to love their new otto friends, jack seems to think he is an otto sometimes which is so cute.
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    Parrot fish color

    I have 2 and one of them changes colors like that all the time. One time I look and it is solid orange and the next it has black on it. It isn't anything to worry about they change like that as they age.
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    Tank mates for Jake the Jack Dempsey?

    that's what I was thinking too...oh well I guess it's just that my tank looks empty with the tetras and the glo-fish gone.
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