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    Possible 100G Mbuna tank

    Good luck, can't wait to see pictures
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    Cascade canister filters...

    Good point, not to mention dr.fosters and smith usually has a 50% off sale once a year and smaller sales other times. Not exactly sure if they ship to Canada though. Sounds like you have a great plan and plenty of time to expand and change ideas. I have to mention before the 406 on the...
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    Been skulking about, now to hellos

    Welcome to Fishore!!
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    Cascade canister filters...

    beau I had it on my 65 bowfront. Sure it's a bit overkill but I like over filtration You could adjust the flow by pullling slight back on the cut off lever. It was quiet, easy enough to prime and had quite enough room for extra media. When I upgraded to a 125 gallon planted tank I still used...
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    Question about lighting for plants

    You should be able to find the light spectrum range by going to the various websites and checking under their specs. "most" manufactures will list this. The planted tank variety of Marineland lights do have 1 watt 6500k white and I think 3 watt 460nm blue, 660nm red, and green. Which although...
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    Cascade canister filters...

    Wish i could help only a Fluval canister owner here. previously Ive had the 206, 306, 406 and now the Fx6. Other than hearing great things from Enhiem users or the occasional SunSun owners. I've never heard of cascade. Not always but for the most part you do get what you pay for. Cheaper...
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    Trying to figure out what's going on

    Great thing about Crushed coral and Oyster shell is it's basically not wasted until the ph drops, the more acidic the water gets the more it releases to stabilize.
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    Evil Molly Took Over

    I second and third what Aquaphobia says!! Please, no more fish in a 5 gallon. Years ago I might have, but now.. personally not sure I'd even keep a single betta in a 5 gallon, cause why do five when 10 gallons easy enough to acquire. Petco regularly does a $1.00 per gallon tank sale...
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    Can my tank fit anything else?

    My experience if you have a good thing going, don't change...instead... Expand!! After all who cant use another fishtank
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    Cloudy water and sunset gourami

    Not necessarily. Generally most cases of fungal fin rot is caught from poor conditions at the LFS. Overcrowding, bad water parameters. Best if you can keep a cycled spare tank for quarantine process. Ive had fish in the QT develop everything from ICH to Columinaris shortly after buying them...
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    75 Gallon Tank Build

    I remember when I built a 20 gallon long stand. Yours look so much better! Good luck with the build!
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    ID the fuzz

    oh no, I get you there.. I remember when my walstad got its' first sprout of black beard I went into panic mode. Tree muck as I call it, clear to semi translucent, sometimes in glopply balls like cotton to a slight slime that floats in the current off the branch. It smells of old shoe ( Yes I...
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    Cloudy water and sunset gourami

    The cloudy water is most likely the result of the water change, The nitrogen cycle is probably in shock. If your media is still alive it should clear up on it's own. I would just watch the water parameters and keep prime ready incase of an emergency ammonia spike. It will just convert the...
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    ID the fuzz

    I found some pieces of wood would just not give up with the muck. In the end Id try another piece and most of the times have better luck than constantly cleaning it. Like TexasDomer mentioned, it generally does go away. I just had maybe a few pieces out of the bunches I've owned that just...
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    HELP! Stuff growing on driftwood

    All my Mopani did that initially in various degrees of eww. It will eventually come clean. Like Hampalong mentions, just clean it off if you don't have fish that eats it. Just to warn you, I found the stuff to be quite smelly. lol

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