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    How long does it take for java moss to grow into a huge clump

    Mine grow in tanks ranging in pH from about 6.8 - 7.5, all low-tech, temps either 72° or 78°-84°, low to moderate lighting, and it does great in all of them. I've been growing for, oh... About 7 or 8 months and I've divided it multiple times and given clumps to friends already. My "mother"...
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    Looking for Java fern, floaters, cherry shrimp

    I have lots of healthy salivinia minima if you're interested.
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    Want To Sell Salvinia Minima For Sale 8 oz plastic food cup full of them for $2

    Hello, my fish friends! I've got way too much salvinia minima floaters and need to make space in my tanks. I'm offering an 8 oz plastic food cup full of them for $2 each + shipping. I've done my best to eliminate the duckweed from the tanks they are growing in, but it's not 100% that some will...
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    Indecisive if she's pregnant or not?

    Yup. Thanks to my blonde guppies, I can now tell! She's got bebe's! Lovely girl, by the way!
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    Need Breeding Betta Help

    How's your girl doing so far? Matter of fact, since it's been a few days, how is daddy and the fry? As far as additives, I used to add just a drop of methylene blue to the girl's recovery tank, but that's all I had years ago. Today, unless they (my guppies) are sick, I just add a bit of...
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    Need Breeding Betta Help

    I bred Bettas for about two years back in the early 2000s. I pretty much checked out this thread to see if the process was the same now as it was back then. It is! So, I never left my breeding couples unsupervised. Most fish can't see well outside the tank and once mine saw each other, they...
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    Neon Tetra Dropsy Advice

    Thank you to whomever moved this thread. It's been far too long since I posted on the forum. *Sigh* That's what I was afraid of, but I have to agree. At least I have the stuff to do so gently and humanely. Thank you for your response. Now I have to figure out what's causing it. Apologies for...
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    Neon Tetra Dropsy Advice

    Hey guys, I just noticed that one of my husband's neon tetras is bloated and the scales have pineconed. I strongly suspect dropsy. this is the first time I've had to deal with this particular disease. From my understanding, this is a gram-negative bacterial infection, correct? Suggested...
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    10 Gallon Tank My 10gal sandy tank

    Once in a while the lfs will have a male betta in a community tank. Chances are he's the mellow fellow you'd be looking for. I started a tank with that exact sand! My corkscrew vallisneria loved it. I would highly recommand a nice rabbit snail or assassin snail as they are fun to watch burrow...
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    Betta "females" making a nest

    But not on the other? Oh, boy! But, no, it isnt terribly uncommon for females to make bubble nests or even display - i remember a couple of my sorority girls doing that. I second the notion of going with a 20 gallon tank over a 15. It is well worth it. But I wouldn't get rid of that 5-gallon...
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    Pin/Needle Tail Guppy Breeding

    Yes! That genetics chart pretty much has it spot on with what I am seeing in the second generation of fish. I have pintail, round tail and delta tail. Unfortunately, most of the trait is trying to come out in the deltas, which like I said before, makes the fish look really ratty. Fortunately, I...
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    Pin/Needle Tail Guppy Breeding

    Okalee dokalee! I also had the thought that this may be better as a fish breeding log. Theres so very little info on pintails that i think i may have to develop it on my own and keep super meticulous notes. And ive never line-bred before, so i have NO idea what im doing, lol!
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    Pearl danio heavy at tail end

    Hi there! What is your tank size and water parameters? Do you quarantine before adding new fish? If it is microsporidia, that's some pretty bad news. It is highly contagious and very hard to eliminate. Worst comes to worst you will have to remove all of your fish and plants, if you have any...
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    Is my Endler bloated?

    I agree, his color is wonderful. He just looks well fed. Some time with a couple pretty ladies should trim him down nicely.
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