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    Help With Rescue Betta

    As far as plants and things go, I would only put one plant in at a time. Adding to many at once can stress him further. One plant to hide if he feel uncomfortable is good, but I've seen many males flare and become overwhelmed by lots of changes at one time. Sent from my SM-G930VL using
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    Predator Fish

    I'm late, but I 100% would say no to an Oscar. Mine was two inches when I got him. That was two years ago and he is a heafty 16inches now. Definitely not a fish for anything under 200 gallons IMO.
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    Dog Has Constant Ear Infections

    I've done it to both of my grandpas bloodhounds and they look all sorts of wrong, but their ears used to get split from constantly shaking their head around so it was the vest thing we could do though. Lol it was hilarious!
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    Dog Has Constant Ear Infections

    I've had many different breeds, small, large and giant. Never had an issue with any ears standing. In fact, most breeds I've had weren't breeds who were supposed to have standing ears. Its all about reforming the cartilage in the ears to grow a different way, so breed shouldn't matter.
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    Dog Has Constant Ear Infections

    This is what it should look like when its properly done. I put a red line around where I usually put the pencil.
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    Dog Has Constant Ear Infections

    We tied his ears just like you would if he was a German Shepard with stubborn floppy ears. Most vets do it but, I've found most vets don't do it right and it lasts longer if I do it myself. We get ear tape from petsmart, two plastic tubes that are about three inches long and an inch in diameter...
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    Dog Has Constant Ear Infections

    My st Bernard had chronic ear issues and the only thing that helped was to tie his ears to make them stand. We refused to dock them. But after we had them tied up he never had another problem. Just my experience.
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    Unpopular Fish Opinions

    I personally never had them. But when I was 16, my little brother (obsessed with them) got a tank. My we decided to put our tanks next to each other so I could teach my brother the hobby easier. He was quickly enamored with all types of golds. I tell you I spent many a night watching our tanks...
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    Unpopular Fish Opinions

    ANY GOLDFISH EVER lol I can't understand the hype of goldfish. Just don't find anything interesting about them and those bubble eyed ones make me cringe. Black lights over a tank. too much decor, bubble clams and pirate stuff. I have a list lol but I'm suuuuch a tank minimalist so the list is...
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    Does FishLore Have Marketers From Various Companies Masquerading As Hobbyists?

    Its possible, most of the time is just me recommending what I use and know works.
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    Strongest Freshwater Fish

    So I was thinking, what fish is the strongest freshwater aquarium fish you have had? Its definitely goldfish for me. But I'm curious what it is for everyone strong I mean survival. Water quality, defense against other fish, disease resistance etc.
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    I'm So Lost, Black Water?

    I've had the tank for 3 years. I did a water change about 4 weeks ago. (I haven't had fish in it for nearly 2 months)
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    I'm So Lost, Black Water?

    I left my house for two days on a fishing trip and when I came home my aquarium water is black. Suuuper murky. I thankfully have no fish or plants in it. I checked my filter, it is clean and doesn't seem to be leaking anything strange. All my water perimeters are normal and I've used algae...
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    Things You Did As A Beginner That You Regret?

    Ugh when I had my first tank my 6 year old little girl mind never thought about what should go into a tank and what shouldn't. So I decorated my tank with toys. My poor Oscars, betta, and gouramis, and tad poles (not compatible at all) were swimming with barbies, pony's, and pretty much any...
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    Too Much Flourish!!!!

    I just don't know how much my pleco (shes about 12") and my ghosts can handle. They spawned a while ago, but the water is so murky still that I can't see babies only that none of my girls are carrying. I'm worried they died but I haven't seen any dead ones in my waste bucket when I clean.
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