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    Black Devil Snail hasn't moved for 5 days

    bit of a spike, been trying to grow out some aquatic plants and looks like I neglected a water change, I'll be doing a smell test and changing water tonight.
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    Black Devil Snail hasn't moved for 5 days

    Recently got a black devil snail, and on the first day it was crawling around my tank, however, it decided to retract into it's shell and ever since, it only sits in one spot, where I can occasionally see it poking out of its shell a tiny bit. Parameters are: PH: 7 Nitrates: 25 ppm Nitrites: 0.5...
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    Got a Black Devil Snail sold as Rabbit Snail?

    Yeah, he looks nothing like that. Might really be a black devil snail Here is a picture of him, hope some of you more experienced people with inverts can tell if this is just an odd rabbit snail or a whole different species :P Actually, I only got this one big guy lol. The other three were...
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    Got a Black Devil Snail sold as Rabbit Snail?

    So I saw that petco was selling rabbit snails and decided to get some, and its been a week now. The snail hasnt moved in 3 days and just sits in one spot, sometimes peeking out, but I have noticed that it seems to have a shell much smoother than a rabbit snail, and searches seemed to lead me to...
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    Eggshell calcium supplements

    So ive been worried about my snails getting bad shells, as I have malaysian trumpet snails and bladder snails with a single mystery snail. I worry about this because the last bunch of snails i had were ramshorns and their shells deteriorated pretty fast. I saw online that people used eggshells...
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    Heater issues

    Starting to get warmer but the temperature inside still fluctuates as the parents dont like to use the thermostat too much, but it sits at about 70 during the night and maybe 80 at warmest during the day, should this be fine for my fish?
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    Heater issues

    Yeah, mine is a topfin one, ill try to get a new one as soon as I can
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    Heater issues

    Recently, I've been noticing my water getting a bit too warm, so I went out and got a thermometer for the tank. it seems to be near 90 degrees, so I tried adjusting the heater, but I've found out that it doesn't really work no matter how far down I turn the knob, the thing seems to always go...
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    Thinking About Building A Koi Pond, Don't Know What Kind Of Liner To Use

    So I'm about to move to a new house in Fairfax and I'm not sure about the rules of building a pond there. Also, my plan was to go for a 1200 gallon with a flexible liner I found on Amazon for only $188, but I looked at it again and thought it was suspiciously cheap. Here is the link: Also...
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    Overload Of Guppy And Snail Madness

    I have the same problem with ramshorn snails, just not to that degree. I only see maybe 20 out during the day, but when its night, holy they are EVERYWHERE. My tank is heavily planted and has lots of decor, and the snails seem to hide in there. Also, I got some cories to feed on the eggs...
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    Green Water Help?

    Now that, is some gatorade. But I would trace the problem to it's source and fix that.
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    How To Lower Nitrate Levels

    I have a bunch of Hygrophila (at least I'm pretty sure they are hygrophila), and they soak up everything in the water like a sponge. I might even have to take most of them out since my other plants might be getting starved of nitrates. They grow like weeds and uproot themselves and grow roots at...
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    What's Wrong With This Picture

    when your betta eats so much that his fins become part of his main body
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    Funny Stocking Question

    I have always been looking for some of them to add to my 20 gallon. Do you know where to get them?
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    Goldfish Bowl

    I know I'm suuuuuppppppeeerrrrrr late, but there are these things called aquarium bridges. It uses the vacuum in the upside down tank thing and it connects two tanks by going over them. No need to cut glass, just some pvp pipes should do the trick.
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