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    Stocking ideas

    Thanks for the advice guys
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    Stocking ideas

    Could I do a school of 12 Rummy nose and 12 Black Neons with just the pair of Kribs
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    Stocking ideas

    I'm liking the rummy noses. How big of a school will fit in the tank with the kribs and a gourami in the tank? (180L and 130cm long)
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    Stocking ideas

    Any recommendations on a small schooling fish then?
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    Stocking ideas

    Yea fair enough about the corys. I've kept Danios in outside ponds as well as tropical tanks so the temp shouldn't bother them
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    Stocking ideas

    I think I might give the keyholes a miss. Think I'm gonna go along the lines of something like this School of danios (zebras and leapords) Pair of Kribs 6 Panda Corys 1 Pearl Gourami
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    Cycling with Ammonium Chloride

    Anybody have any experience with cycling with Ammonium Chloride instead of liquid Ammonia? I've read it's nearly identical.
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    Stocking ideas

    Hey guys, first post in a while, I've got a new 182 litre tank busy cycling. I'm pretty set on a pair on Kribs and a few Keyhole cichlids. Any other suggestions?
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    kribensis cichlids for sale

    i have pictures but i cant get it on here for some reason. id prefer not ship them
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    kribensis cichlids for sale

    i have about 32 kribs that are 2-5cm long need them gone for my next breeding project (keyhole cichlids) $3 each 5 for $10 10 for $20 15 for $30 or $70 for the lot
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    Planning on guppy - molly hybrids, any suggestions?

    they will breed but the fry are born with a lot problems and if im not mistaken they are all infertile
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    What is this kind of algae

    mybe its just bubbles?
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    breeding keyhole cichlids

    hi guys how many keyholes could i have in a 40gl if i want to breed them? i cant tel the difference between males and females so i just want to put a few in my 40gl and ee if any pair up also any tips on how to breed them would be helpful.
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    Help guppy missing !!

    i lost a full grown swordtail in my 40gl once, it turned out she was such a similar color to my gravel i couldnt even see her even when i moved the decorations
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    kribensis eggs

    cheers everyone! hopefully some of them survive!

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