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    125 gallon filtration

    Not sensitive fish, but way over stocked ;)
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    125 gallon filtration

    I have 3-125 gallon and I use (3 of each) - 1-FX6, 1-Fluval 405 and 1-Emperor 400, In each tank
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    Excited to be joining

    Hi and Welcome to Fishlore. We will all try and help you out get started on keeping your Axolotl happy.
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    Completely clueless newbie

    Welcome to Fishlore You can put say 25-30% of the tank water in a bucket or a tote then put the fish in. I would then drain the tank, remove the sand, add the gravel, plants etc.. start adding clean temp. water say 25%, then add the water where the fish are. Then add the 2 fish back in then...
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    125 gallon tank questions

    I have 2 - 125 and when i did move them I used a hand truck, then had someone help me lift it back onto the stand. As far as the stand I built mine out of 4x4 post lumber then used marine grade plywood on the outside and stained it
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    Using Garden Hose

    Where were you hooking up your Python? Kitchen Faucet? Try using the garden hose spigot you get a lot more water pressure from there.
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    Hello Everyone!! (:

    Hi, and Welcome to Fishlore. Post some pictures when you get a chance
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    Hello all, already loving it here.

    Hi, and Welcome to Fishlore
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    Dollar Per Gallon & discount Tank Sales

    Every 2-3 months, they should have another 1 in like a month or 2
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    Aquarium stand safe?

    Yes that fine for a 10 gallon tank
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    Black beard algae is worse than its ever been…(photos)

    I had it pretty bad in 1 of my tanks years ago, I bought 2 Siamese Algae Eaters and 12 nerite snails. Tank was spotless in about a week
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    Hello everyone! New to the forum :)

    Hi, and Welcome to Fishlore
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    September 2021 Aquarium of the Month

    My 125 in my home office
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    New Java fern help

    I would leave them for now they really don't look bad at all.
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    Who's into sports?

    NHL- New York Rangers NFL- Saints and the Rams MLB- New York Mets
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