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    Want To Sell Bulk Plants and Ramshorns

    I can fill a bag with mixed crypts, vals, hornwort and duckweed if you'd like! PM me if interested.
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    Need proven algae eater.

    Algae problems are mainly caused by two things, too much lighting and/or too many nutrients in the water. First try adjusting the light or even getting more plants to help as they will compete with the algae to get the nutrients. Floating plants like duckweed and hornwort work wonders IMO. You...
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    Power will go out, idk what to do with my fishes

    Supposing these fish are not in an overstocked tank I think they will be find for that long as is. The main concern is keeping the water oxygenated, not just for the fish but for the BBA in the filters. Occasionally creating surface agitation and pouring tank water into the filter (supposing...
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    How long do these guys stay hiding?

    Most fish will become shy when added to a new tank, being shipped is likely to make them more shy for a longer period of time. Give them a couple weeks to truly settle in and hopefully they will be more comfortable. I have dwarf emerald rasboras, a very close cousin to the pearls, and they...
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    How Many Plants Is Too Many Plants

    Short answer is flourite is fine for most all planted tanks, I would consider capping it with a layer of sand and/or pea gravel though as it is very dusty. You can opt to rinse it too but then you may end up rinsing away all the good stuff plants like. I have 2 tanks with flourite capped with...
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    Cotton-like stuff spreading in tank (but not in fish)

    I would guess some sort of algae growth. For starters, I would clean up as much and as you can with a 50% water change, black out the entire tank with a towel or blanket for about 3 days, and do not feed the fish during the black out. Using meds to treat anything other than fish disease is a...
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    Albino bristle nose pleco

    I noticed the same thing in one of my pairs. The pale ones were always smaller and ended up dying on me, in the end I simply culled any fry that looked runty and pale so as not to foul the water with any lost fry I didn't find in time. I think it is more of a "strong survive" thing and the pale...
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    Want To Sell Bulk Plants and Ramshorns

    I didn't even think to trade, that would of been perfect though! I still have some crypts and lots of jungle vals, duckweed too but that's a given as it sticks to everything.
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    Coated/glazed ceramic figurines for tank? Safe?

    Glaze is basically a coating of pigment and glass. The glaze makes ceramic things water proof, I would think it also seals in any possible chemicals. When I was in ceramics class for a college elective I made a variety of objects for my aquariums, the ones I use the most are pleco caves, some...
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    Random betta aggression in tank

    Betta sororities do best in larger tanks that are well planted and their numbers she be 5 bare minimum. My 8 girls in their planted 20gal get on just fine, all but two are sister though. They do best when raised together at a young age. Even then you can get a nasty female that won’t play nice...
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    Getting Into Guppies

    I bought mine off of angelsplus, they have a bunch of medicated food for a decent price. Not sure if they can ship to you though.
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    Getting Into Guppies

    Red dragon and magenta cross males are coloring up real nice! One in particular is very dark and vibrant, he will not hold still for a photo though. Females still have black tails, dorsals and a touch on their pectoral fins. Looking forward to more color as they mature. Albino koi fry are...
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    Fish netting tips

    Drain some of the water, see where they like to hide most often then hold the net in that area while keeping one side against the glass, works best near a corner. Proceed to herd the fish with your hand into the net. Works well for me with schooling species like danios and rasboras.
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    Help with plant id

    Hornwort I believe. Looks like mine anyways.
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    Blue Mystery Snail Eggs?

    Looks like the poo to me. Eggs will be above the water.
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