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    Accidental cory spawning?

    If your stocking info on your profile is correct and you just have the Rasboras and Cories, then you definitely have Cory eggs!
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    What fish food does your cat flip out over?

    I'm glad to learn that my cat isn't the only one who goes crazy for fish food. None of the other cats I've owned have ever cared about fish food, just her. Flakes are her favorite, but she'll try just about everything. As soon as she hears the door of the stand open, she comes running and starts...
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    Acceptable level of Nitrate

    It was really interesting looking over the numbers of the studies, thank you for sharing them! I've looked through some other studies before and I came to the same conclusion as you did, that no one can really agree on the concentration of nitrates that would be considered dangerous. I also...
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    Saw this some were online.. I am disturbed..

    It's the food summoning circle. When successfully completed, the Dry God will appear from the land realm and deliver tasty treats from the sky. Actually, the Dry God does this regardless of if they perform the ritual or not, but don't tell them that.
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    75 Gallon Tank 75 gallon setup questions

    Yeah I'd probably leave out the Cardinals and boost the numbers of some of the other schools instead. I think there will be plenty of activity in the middle of the tank with the Congos and Emperor Tetras
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    Help identify these cory's

    Hi! The first fish is not a Cory at all, it's actually a Synodontis catfish. I believe it's a Featherfin Squeaker, Synodontis eupterus, but I could be wrong. The second one is a Bronze Cory, Corydoras Aeneus. They are just about the most common variety of Cory out there. I'd probably take back...
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    Fruit Fry Larvae as live food

    People feed fruit flies to fish, reptiles, amphibians, and inverts all the time. They're a great food for small young animals. So go ahead and let them feast!
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    SAE bullying the other fish - what can I do!

    It's suggested to keep SAE's in groups for this very reason, when kept alone they can sometimes choose to be jerks to other fish. When kept in a group they bother each other instead. But their temperaments seem to also just vary wildly. Some of them are mellow and peaceful, while others are...
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    Feeding other fish with cory catfish...

    I've found that if you have a big enough group of Cories, their own feeding frenzy is enough to scare off a lot of would be food snatchers. So maybe once you have 6, the Mollies won't be as much of an issue.
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    Should I be concerned about Cory with missing eye?

    Honestly looks like he was born that way, and they just didn't notice it. Easy to miss something small like that when you're dealing with a tank full of Cories. I'm sure he's going to be perfectly fine, and won't have any issues getting around. I'm glad to hear Aqua Hunt went above and beyond!
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    75 gallon substrate

    I used Black Diamond Blasting Sand for my 75 gallon, my Cories love it! It was also about $12 per bag and I needed two bags, really can't beat that price. Though it really isn't ideal for plants, so heavy root feeders will need root tabs. If I wanted to be fancy, I would have done a layer of...
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    HELP!!! BBA returns.....

    I think I see a mottled pattern on the body, which would be a Chinese Algae Eater, but I could be wrong. The easiest way to tell is their mouths. CAE's have a suction mouth like you see on Otos or Plecos, while SAE's have a typically shaped mouth. Here's an example of my Siamese Algae Eater...
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    Only two female bettas in community tank?

    With sororities, you want to have a big enough group so that aggression gets spread out. Otherwise the more dominant female will constantly bully the more submissive one. I think it could be done if you had a large, heavily planted tank and got lucky with their personalities, but at that point...
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    "true SAE" identification

    Well he's definitely a true SAE in that he's a member of the Crossocheilus genus. But I don't know what species he is, he really doesn't match any of the descriptions. The closest is Crossocheilus atrilimes, but that species is described as not having maxilary barbels (the little mouth whiskers)...
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    Prevent Nerite from Laying Eggs

    For some reason, when I first got my Nerite Snails and they were in their quarantine tank, they didn't lay a single egg. As soon as I added them to the main tank, they started laying eggs like it was their job. Maybe from lack of algae, otherwise I have no clue why. Anything that would stop them...
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