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    Help Received A Dying Betta - Please Help

    I don’t know how to help him but I hope he makes it. You never know. Thank you for giving him a dignified end of life, if not a good life.
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    My Sae Is A Cae !

    I never buy a fish if I’m not sure. In this particular case, I wasn’t in doubt because I had specifically asked if they were « real » SAE and was told they were. Twice. I should be able to trust my LFS. Anyways, lesson learned.
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    My Sae Is A Cae !

    yes, it does. But they’re not so easy to see in a store, with poor lighting and fish all around. I do acknowledge it’s my own fault for trusting them.
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    My Sae Is A Cae !

    Seriously ? You’ve seen it happen ? So I should bring this fish back ? My problem is to catch a fish in my well planted tank, I will basically have to destroy everything...
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    Question 60 Gallon Needs Light!

    Fluval 3.0. Best light ever, no more timers needed. There is a 48 inches one with brackets that should bring it to 60 inches.
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    My Sae Is A Cae !

    This pet store is so bad... I should know by now, they have never known the species of the fish they sell. The owner is too lazy to write down the latin names of the fish he buys each week, so he goes by what he thinks... He’s sold me a serpae tetra as a rosy and now this. A few months ago...
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    I’ve Been Bad

    In the past, I’ve kept fish for more than 7 years with doing small water changes (10%-20%) about once a month. In those days, that’s how you did it. Now, I’m doing big WC (40%-50%) once a week. My aquarium is relatively new (4 months old) but to me it makes more sense than small ones. Yes...
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    Help Aquarium Water Turning Cloudy Again And Again

    Buy the ones specifically for fish. I feed at night, around 9pm when my lights go off, and I remove whatever is left in the morning when the lights go on. This way, no mess ! Mine are for corys, CAE and 1 oto. I cut them in 4 pieces and give 2-4 pieces, as needed. I’ve never seen anything...
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    Help Aquarium Water Turning Cloudy Again And Again

    If your filter turns 600L/h (let’s pretend it’s exaggerated and « only » 300L/h) it’s still more than enough for your 10 gallons. Unless for some reason you are having problems with it, I wouldn’t change it. If you’re worried about your otos not having enough food from the algae, then give...
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    Help Aquarium Water Turning Cloudy Again And Again

    I would plant densely and let the otos feed on algae. I think cucumbers are the problem. Bacterias will grow almost anywhere, they don’t need « space », as long as there is material they can adhere to.
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    Help Best Substrate For Low Tech Planted Tank?

    This is my first time with sand and I just love it ! I say go with sand.
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    How To Set Up An Algae Free Lowtech Tank On A Budget

    Your tank is beautiful ! For your next bottle of NilocG fertilizer, buy Thrive C instead. It’s made specifically for low tech tanks. That’s what I use and I have really good stability (so far).
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    Update Your Fluval Light Software !

    I did have a lot of trouble until I found an extremely helpful video. I can’t find it right now but it’s from Bentley Pascoe (best fish guy for tips on Fluval lights) but here is a picture of his settings. Just copy that with your own and it will work like a charm. As you can see, you need...
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    Why Are My New Cardinals Not Swimming/schooling?

    I will before trying anything. A good 4 weeks. Good tip, WC to do on Sunday, so I’ll pay attention. Hum, I hope they can get used to the light because it’s needed for the plants. But you’re right, this is probably the darkest spot. They’re eating well, so I guess they must be at least okay !
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    Help Bad Case Of Hair Algae In Cycling Tank

    Seachem Excel wii help if you dose it daily. My hair algae has stopped growing a lot and has changed color so I think it’s dying. You can also try this is Excel alone isn’t working :

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