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  1. 50 Gallon Tank Electric Blue Acara and Black Phantom Tetra?

    They were about 3 inch swordtails and EBA about 4 inch and 3 inch they have not paired off so probably same sex I added the swordtails after moving tank around thinking that would help they did not like them from the start had to give up the idea after two were killed
  2. 50 Gallon Tank Electric Blue Acara and Black Phantom Tetra?

    I have Serpae with my two EBA without any problems I did make the mistake of adding swordtails thinking they were big enough with plenty of cover to hide they did not last long. Good luck and welcome to fishlore.
  3. Question Pictus catfish controversy

    I just added 3 to my 75 gallon they are very active like them a lot they do eat small fish I lost a lot of guppies to the last ones I had years ago. I have no small fish this time I would think the betta and cories would be safe till they grow bigger anything that fits in there mouth is fair...
  4. What's Puzzling You?

    Winter boredom can I change the tank look to much extra water today not much moving around wife noticed I played though
  5. 29 Gallon Tank Hi, I'm Gaily And I Have Kept Fish In The Past. I Have A Question

    It is unusual but I have a large male bristle nose who it is rare to see on the glass had him for six years now and he prefers working the bottom for shrimp pellets fights the other bottom feeders for them
  6. New Member From Utah

    Welcome it's a great place to learn from Utah to but further south
  7. How Old Are You?

    67 age is less important than passion when it comes to hobbies
  8. Angelfish In A 29 Gallon Tank??

    I keep them in a 20H and they seemed fine when I first started after having them in a 55 and 150 they do so much better and grow bigger. They are a great fish not everybody has a bigger tank if I only a had 29 it would not stop me from having them as a centerpiece fish.
  9. When Is The Best Time To Remove Fry From Convicts

    I decided it was easier to remove the parents after the fry got bigger they are so protective it is fun to watch them and convicts give you so many fry it slows them down before the next batch.
  10. Pond Vs Cat

    I have a lot of feral cats drinking from the pond for the last few years and they have never done anything to the fish. I do have rocks around the edges for the fish to hide some places though.
  11. Crazy Idea?

    Common plecos are tough, but you are asking a lot for them to handle a unexpected bad winter is the risk worth it summers would be great winter not so much.
  12. How Has Fishlore Helped You?

    I love to read and learn Thanks to Fishlore it has more great pictures and information than the bookcase full of books I've bought over the years before the internet. Really blessed to have this resource today makes enjoying the Fish even more including the ones I only read about here wishing...
  13. When Is The Best Time To Remove Fry From Convicts

    Me to I even had a large pair of angelfish in the tank thinking they had me covered after they had eaten all the guppies my wife has not forgiven me for what happened to the angels needless to say they ate few before needing to leave the tank.
  14. When Is The Best Time To Remove Fry From Convicts

    I tried that last time wondered if a better way so hard to catch them when they got a little bigger. Yes to many to give away Lol
  15. When Is The Best Time To Remove Fry From Convicts

    They are Convict Cichlids in a 55 gallon tank with the breeding pair also in the tank are three bn plecos

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