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    Something is wrong with my Betta

    already dead from it what do you mean?
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    Something is wrong with my Betta

    What is this? I feel like its velvet but I just saw it today and I haven’t the slightest clue what this is..
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    New fish has disease I think

    My endler guppy died I think it was because of the increase of temperature I increased it to 80 from 76 or 77 and he died :(
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    New fish has disease I think

    I’m sorry about that I just put in this copy yesterday but there is two female guppies other than the blue one there is a green endler guppy there’s three Amono shrimp three nerite snails Six sparkling Gourami One baby guppy That is at least three weeks old and then I think there is one baby...
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    New fish has disease I think

    A new fish I got has a disease they’re white dots all over the tail and some on the body I think it has a disease I was trying to take pictures but a lot of the white spots are on the tail and there’s a couple in the body on both sides of the fish and I think it’s the disease it’s really...
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    Male endler with shrimp soon to have babies

    Male Endler guppy will it eat shrimp babies?
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    Hornwort almost no with very little to slow growth

    I’ve had hornwort for several months now but it doesn’t seem like it’s really growing anymore I don’t understand why
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    Appropriate Community feeding

    How do you appropriately feed a community tank as well as determine how much to feed so that all get food for example shrimp sparkling gourami nerite snails and guppies
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    Is it okay to have one female and one male endler guppy?
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    Betta with really bad fin rot

    Rachaeljuno when you say frequent water changes do you mean every day or every other day?
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    Beginner cherry shrimp tank help request

    I would like to do a shrimp tank I’m going to be doing in a 20 gallon what should I do what basic things what helps them thrive where should I get the shrimp and anything extra from experience shrimp keepers please I would really appreciate it
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    Betta with really bad fin rot

    Racheljuno I really appreciate what you and fae said but that picture is old this is what he looks like now, it seems like it stopped getting worse but this is what it looks like I tried Api and aquarium salt it still kept getting worse finally I used Kanaplex and it stopped getting worse
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    Easy starter plants?

    What are some good easy starter plants that you can make an under water forest with?
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    Betta with really bad fin rot

    I will definitely look into that whitelightning also to answer how long it’s been about I think three or four weeks maybe more I started out using API Like a general cure when it was still mild and it seem like it was working because there was fin growth (heres a picture) but then it started...
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    Betta with really bad fin rot

    I don’t know what I’m doing wrong but Ive tried aquarium salt and water changes and kanaplex right now but it seems like its getting much worse I put Anthony in a quarintine tank but I am starting to think that was a bad decision, I don’t know what to do, am I doing something wrong?
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