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    What Is And Where To Find Pothos?

    Pothos is a house plant that someone decided would be a good aquarium topper. Right now you may find it at your local walmart on clearance. Lowes and Home depot usually keeps it indoors. Some garden centers will also carry it. I also have propagated purple heart secretia and wondering jew...
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    Info Before You Buy Flourish And Ferts In General

    Flourish was recommended to me at Petco and since I have been using it I have had many plants melt completly and become a total loss from lack of nutrients.
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    Year Round Guppy Pond Possible?

    I may try it with some culls just in case I lose them their wont be a significant loss. I met a lady that had tubs outdoors everywhere and had guppies in them. They did say they brought theirs in during the cold months. I do hope to find someway as I think it would be amazing to have a pond with...
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    Hello From Sc.

    It's a great site. I'm loving it so far.
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    Question Java Fern Care

    I'm having problems as well with my java fern. Same thing as you. I had bought mine at Petco and it was pretty much stems with no rhizome. Mayne yours was the same and the stems grew a rhizome. Maybe mine has hope still too.
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    Year Round Guppy Pond Possible?

    We have a couple of days at freezing temps but most is in the high 30s to 40s. I wonder if I took a wood stove, wrapped a coil of tubing around it (aluminum or stainless as copper would be a bad idea) and heated the wood stove, cycled the water via a pump through the coil wrapped around the...
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    Seeding Sponge Filter

    I use prime and tetra safestart when seeding a new tank. I buy the 250ml bottle at Petco and use 25ml per 10 gal of water. Shake the bottle well first. You want it to look cloudy out of the bottle. I then can immediately add my fish. I'd get a bigger fikter for a larger tank. I like the largest...
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    Cycling 5 Gal With Cycled Sponge Filter

    Anytime I need to cycle quickly I move some gravel and a sponge filter from a cycled tank, and also add 25 mp4 per 10 gallons (12.5 ml for a 5 gallon) l from my large bottle of Tetra Safe Start (250ml bottle shaken well). I can then add the fish immediately
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    Should I Get A Sponge Filter Or Air Stone For Extra Movement And O2?

    Never hurts to have an additional filter to grow beneficial bactetia.
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    Question Sponge Filter

    I personally use a larger filter than I need. I use one of the big sponge filters suitable for a 55 gallon tank for a 10 gallon tank. I prefer more than less.
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    Year Round Guppy Pond Possible?

    My dream is to have a huge guppy pond wrap around my home similar to a wrap around porch. It would start next to ourporch and wrap around to our back of the house and end at the corner covering only 3 sides of the house. Id like to form it with cement blocks and put flagstone on the outside to...
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    30 Gallon Tank Help! Why Are My Guppies Dying?

    I know the post is a month old but my suggestion for the future is to get a clean food grade 55 gallon barrel or trash can. Fill it with water and let it sit 3 days before a water change to be certain. Keep it next to the pond and leave the lid off but cover it with a shady material or cloth to...
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    Hello From Sc.

    My name is Danny. I currently own and breed Guppies, Blue Florida Crayfish, and Plecos. I'm all freshwater and dont want to dabble in saltwater. I just wanted to say a quick hello. Would love to meet some SC locals.

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