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  1. Some Sort Of Pest In Aquarium

    Yeah I don't know. I just put that wisteria in last week, a cutting from my larger tank. Also all the plants in the 5 gallon look wayyy worse than the big tank. I take a cutting from the big tank and put it in the 5 gallon and it just looks awful after that. Do you know how to get rid of...
  2. Some Sort Of Pest In Aquarium

    Hey guys. I found these weird bugs or something in my 5 gallon Betta tank. They're mostly on the walls and on the plants. Does anyone know what they are? I tried to take the best pictures I could. (That's the damage they seem to do to the plants on the wisteria)
  3. Aquarium Rock Safe?

    I will try that as well
  4. Aquarium Rock Safe?

    Yikes! Do you know why?
  5. Aquarium Rock Safe?

    Sounds reasonable to me
  6. Aquarium Rock Safe?

    Ok. Sweet. They are quite cool rocks so I was hoping they would work out. They're a tan-ish colour with a bunch of holes and stuff everywhere from the creek corroding it away I guess
  7. Aquarium Rock Safe?

    Yes. And the pH is 0.2 above mine so would it be ok then?
  8. Aquarium Rock Safe?

    I did put some vinegar on it and it did bubble
  9. Aquarium Rock Safe?

    Hey guys. So I picked up some sweet rocks from a creek that come off of a mineral hot spring. I know that using outside rocks is a risk and all because of fluctuations in pH. However I've been letting one of the rocks sit in a bucket of tap water in which the pH was 7.6. On day 3 of this test...
  10. Help Worms On Aquarium Glass

    Yeah I don't really know. But it's been a while and their numbers have dwindled I think. After a good water change and scraping the glass they just sort of disappear. At the same time I'm sort of confused cause some people have said that they are there due to overfeeding. However I feed my...
  11. Help Worms On Aquarium Glass

    After a bit more digging I found that it might be possible that I have midge larvae. I read and saw that they build little detritus "homes" and that's what I'm seeing.
  12. Help Worms On Aquarium Glass

    Will they ever be completely gone? I know they're harmless and maybe even helpful but they're a bit unsightly and make a mess.
  13. Help Worms On Aquarium Glass

    Still not the best These are with a better camera
  14. Help Worms On Aquarium Glass

    What do you mean? How do you suggest to do that?
  15. Help Worms On Aquarium Glass

    But it hasn't got any appendages

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