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    About To Put An Axe Through This Piece Of Garbage.

    I'm confused about the eco complete being dead. How does soil, gravel and sand die? If it's the bacteria in the mix you are talking about that stuff doesn't necessarily matter. Just toss in some root tabs. I have used echo complete for a very long time and have had no issues with anything except...
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    Upgraded Tank And Looking For Ideas

    Understood how you feel about your stock but either way a 125 is really only large enough for 1 maybe 2 Oscars. I had 1 in a 120 and was glad I didn't add more when he grew up. They take up a lot of space and have a very large bio load. Taking care of the tank was almost a full time job and...
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    Carbon In Cannister Filter

    It shows you how to do it on the box to get everything all mucked up so you have to buy more all the time. That's how they make money. Sponges on bottom always. There are 3 sponges, course, medium and fine. After the 3 sponges you want your media to fill the rest. If you want to polish the water...
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    Baka Sakana's Tank...

    I understand that, my apologies, I tend to assume everyone is from the USA. I do hope everything works out for you.
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    Baka Sakana's Tank...

    Sorry for what? I had a job that young because I wanted things my parents couldn't afford. If you want things that are not essential you can't expect others to spend. Not trying to be harsh it's just how it works. There should be no reason not to have an after school job. It teaches you a lot...
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    Baka Sakana's Tank...

    Why not I had a job at 15
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    Baka Sakana's Tank...

    I'm sure I'm misunderstanding but it sounded like you wanted someone else to pay for everything? Glad your fish is doing well.
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    Turtle Tank Advise Needed

    We use a platform made for turtles to bask. It made of styrofoam and attaches to the tank with suction cups. It moves up and down with the water level but our turtle still drags water up on it bot it dries out fairly quickly and doesn't pose any issues. As for feeding I just feed mine by putting...
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    Help Hello!! I’m New Here And I Need Help!

    You absolutely need a filter and the tank is building up with ammonia. This is extremely harmful to fish and will kill. My suggestion is to get a filter, they are required unless thank is very heavily planted and even then expert fish keepers have a tough time keeping things in check. The filter...
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    Psa: Algae Myths In The Planted Aquarium (algae Management Part 2)

    That's about all I spent on mine as well.
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    10 Gallon Betta Low Tech Bar Top Tank

    That sounds like a good idea. Having thigs hidden from view keeps the attention where it should be.
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    Psa: Algae Myths In The Planted Aquarium (algae Management Part 2)

    Co2 is required for every plant. It is a fertilizer that can only be had in gas form. Yes EVERY PLANT NEEDS IT low tech or high tech. Most don't use it in low tech tanks but I'm willing to bet they spend a ton of money on replacing plants.
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    Psa: Algae Myths In The Planted Aquarium (algae Management Part 2)

    I have given all this same advice to people and so have others. I'm glad you made a complete write up that hits on most everything. The most common I think is the excel issue. I don't know how many times I have told people that it's not a carbon replacement and all its good for is helping keep...
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    Re-sealing Aquarium - Strip The Inside Or Whole Tank?

    Shouldn't be labor intensive at all. You just need to remove the old and put on new. Its actually quite simple and easy. If it's in good shape it should come off in one strip per corner. I would recommend using a razor blade to get it started and slowly peel it off.
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    One Month Later....want To Change The Gravel

    Depends on what you are doing, ie. plants, no plants, high tech, low tech. The high tech low tech doesn't really make to much difference but would definitely help understand what you have going on. For the planted aquarium I like eco complete for substrate it has all the requirements for root...

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