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    Filter Not Working Properly

    Bump I'd like some more input on this, just to be sure.
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    What Tail Betta

    Not a betta expert, but he looks to be a Delta or Halfmoon.
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    Urgent! Gasping Guppy!

    Ammonia levels over 0.5 are dangerous for fish. Seachem Prime is a good ammonia deoxifier, but you should wait a bit for that. Keep up with regular water changes. I've found that Ammo Lock by API is also a decent deoxifier, and tends to crystallize less. If you don't like the smell or the way...
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    And Then There Were 2

    I'm so sorry about your loss. It sucks to lose a fish, more than you'd think at first. I've straight up bawled my eyes out about my fish, especially if you think you've could have done better. (But sometimes things are out of your control.) Good luck. You can always pull through.
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    What Have You Learned From Keeping Goldfish?

    Yeah. They're in a 10 gallon tank currently. Lost one, but the other 2 are trudging on. I'm trying to get them a nice 300 gallon soon, but it keeps getting put off. I'm constantly stressed about them, and I blame myself for not researching more. S.I.P Sunbeam. You will be missed.
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    Filter Not Working Properly

    How would I clean the cartridge? Is rinsing it in tap water safe?
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    What Have You Learned From Keeping Goldfish?

    I've learned that a pond is way better for a comet than a small tank. Learned the hard way.
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    Filter Not Working Properly

    I've recently encountered an issue with my TopFin 10 gallon filter. It's been managing a heavy bioload for a year now, but just recently it's been acting improperly. The output has been reduced to a trickle, and I'm afraid this might impact my fish. I have had some issues with brown algae in my...
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    Triops Again

    I'm going to start a Triops setup soon. Good luck with your shrimp!
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    30 Gallon Tank Turned Green In 2days

    Sorry that I'm sort of regurgitating what others said, but I think the more obvious issues should be addresses first. One, your stock is way too big for that tank of yours. Common goldfish can reach a foot in length, and their recommended tank/pond size is in the hundreds of gallons. You...
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    Is This Fin Rot On My Swordtail Molly?

    I agree with appcontrol. It's hard to pinpoint whether it's fin rot or nipping, so your best option is to keep a careful eye on your setup.
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    Should I Treat This Finrot?

    Honestly, I would quarantine. Try and be VERY careful about it, though. Make sure that the quarantine tank is properly sized and welcoming for him. Good luck.
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    Peppy Boy!

    *internal screeching* He is so cute! You're so lucky to have such an adorable snake.
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    Triops Care Sheet [ Rough Draft ]

    I'm setting up a nice 2 Gallon, fairly planted for my little guys.
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    Triops Care Sheet [ Rough Draft ]

    I'll make some adjustments. Triops are quite finicky when it comes to temperature and they feast on their own kind.
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